Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The Women's Suffrage Movement will not be forgotten...

I want to re-introduce this subject to you because I think our society is forgetting all what women have been through to even have what is allowed us now.

...(Our) society severely challenged women's efforts to enter public

life. Through the 1890s, "scientific" reports were being

released which showed that too much education could seriously

hurt the female reproductive system. In 1905 former president

Grover Cleveland wrote in the Ladies' Home Journal that female

voting would upset "a natural equilibrium so nicely adjusted to

the attributes and limitations of both [men and women] that it

cannot be disturbed without social confusion and peril." In

retaliation, women set out to show that rather than disrupt the

social order, woman suffrage would instead maintain it.

Bringing their "natural" roles as mothers and nurturers into

the public arena, women would be able to impose a kind of

"civic housekeeping" upon the competitive and corrupt (male)

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