Thursday, July 19, 2007

Look at this here...(shakes head silently)

is this what our society has sunk to now?
I feel bad, in a way, because I have found way too much humor in this clip. I can relate to this woman in that I--not wanting to be viewed as racist or uncouth--would have removed any items blocking this man from squeezing his narrow butt in a seat. notice all of my motives are selfish. i feel bad about this. however, i would have wanted to cuss and huff too but would not have because of the aforementioned reasons.
i imagine the kind of day, week, year, this woman has had to endure. Apparently, this man became her whooping boy--unless he harassed her prior to turning on his camera.
I do not belive this woman is racist however she may be propigating the sterotype that older and senior Americans are crotchety.