Sunday, November 04, 2007

It's Almost Christmas

It's almost Christmastime but I'm feeling a little selfish. I'm supposed to be thinking of stuff to get my family for that special holiday time but every time I set out to do so, I see stuff for myself.
I could use some new frocks and can get some with a Catherine's coupon. I haven't bought myself a new dress in years. Catherine's has a wide selection of sizes for the Rubenesque woman. While I'm at it, I should get myself some dedicates. I can get some with a Biggirlsbrasetc coupon.
Well, I guess with the money I save I could buy mom, dad and the kids something fabulous with the coupon codes I found at
Target coupons can bring some nice deals--like discounts on cool shoes the kids would actually wear. I’ve been wanting to order something so a coupon would be helpful. Mom would really love a 600 thread count down comforter and she would be surprised that I'm the one that gave it to her.
I'd be the Christmas hero.

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