Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Family and Relationships

The significance of the traditional roles of men and women is only significant if the couple plans to behave traditionally.
Tradition states that the Dad works outside of the home and the Mom stays inside the home and work. That is the American tradition of male and female roles in the 20th century.
What say ye? This is not common of most homes? Really?
Lessee...Mom has children to care for and a husband (tradition) to look after. That usually means she is the maid and cook and household manager. These are paid positions in a wealthy household and these people who work these positions are paid well.
It takes a tremendous amount of dedication for a woman to take on this task alone. It is insane to take on these three jobs (excluding wet nurse) and to work outside of the home.
Most folks these days just modify Mom's role by allowing her time off-usually six months-to get acquainted with her baby and find a sitter. Some Moms are allowed up to three years. By that time the baby is ready for preschool.
That is tradition in America.
All Dad has to do is work and possibly be nice to his live-in maid also known as Mom. She will spend most of her time with children. Hopefully the pair will have sex sometime through the week.
When Dad gets home each evening he will want to unwind and get some dinner. It should be hot and waiting on the table when he gets through the door. Mom shouldn't complain and hover during this wind down time or she could find herself dining with the children and Dad at the local tap downing a few or somewhere other than in the vicinity of her big, ungrateful mouth.
Tradition, the cornerstone of America.
Of course I am being sarcastic but unfortunately this scenario is played out in many households to one degree or another.
The solution is to develop a set of values and find a mate who mirrors those values. That way, whatever the arrangement the pair will be happy and find that they can work out most issues of contention. And maybe not get divorced.

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