Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Abuse victims can find help

Abuse survivors should find the nearest women's shelter and get a referral from a counselor there. If you are a survivor and decide to get help, how can the resources at a women's shelter be avoided?
These are resources easily accessible in every community in America. Spousal/partner abuse is extremely common and women are the usual victims-for various reasons.
Reasons. Hmmm, let's think about the reasons you were abused in the first place. People who have been abused need to think about the abuse-remember the scenarios and talk to themselves about what happened. This will make you more comfortable and get you in the mindset of talking about the abuse with someone else. Therapists can choose to heal the scars inflicted or can choose to dig further (painful) to get at a root cause for letting another human being walk all over you.
Most abuse occurs in secret and can make the victim feel as if she is insane. It can cause you to walk out of your home half clothed, shoeless, penniless, crying-things one would not normally do in civilized company in a civilized neighborhood.
However, this is the sado masochistic arena in which most abuse is played out.
When you get to the therapist discuss whether you want to heal or dig. Dig may help you gain insight into your role in the abuse situation. Healing focuses past the abuse situation in that it helps you come to terms that it has happened and ways to prevent it in the future.
Healing helps you feel better quicker.
As long as the victim is aware of the different types of therapy available and the various outcomes, it should be a righteous experience.

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