Thursday, November 22, 2007

Hey, Peter--I've said some things over the years...

I was taking a stroll down memory lane, looking at all of the blog posts I have made over the years. I have made some hella comments over the years. Here are some of the more shocking posts. I'm still in shock from some of the things I have written.

I'm Not Walking On Eggshells Anymore, Either!
Borrowing an old Isley song lyric, " we go again. Here we go again--I thought what we had was over..."
I just don't understand the outrage. It seems la haute societe and bourgeoisie are always outraged and surprized by the afflictions of the poor.
Except this time it is really horrifying.
It's real life.
Like yall didn't know folks could be poor down in the Bayou. (ain't no such thing as workin' roots either.)
Anyone following the Hurricane Katrina updates--please pay attention. These stories will not be retold. (more)

If You Get Me
Sometimes it's good to stop and think--do a little reflecting.
Measure what you're doing by reviewing your value structure. But
make sure you've established one.
A good value structure can keep you on the right track and out of
a lot of hot water.
Let's start with relationships. I don't have one.
I decided that I can only have a relationship with a man who gets
me. This is why I am alone.
But it's okay. I can do alone. I can't do nagging, worrying and
sour disposition. (more)

Why Do I Take It Personally?
I'm just a fan--only a fan. I wanted all of my favorite artists to win big at this year's Grammy Awards but they didn't. They just won. They won in their respective catagories. I wanted the big win because they seemed to want the big win.
But I got my own problems. The world of a celebrity is entertainment and relaxation for me. I'm not getting myself into trouble, getting pregnant, dating married or otherwise engaged men, annoying anyone blah, blah, blah.
And, these are just my stupid little opinions.
I bought the John Legend cd (even my seven year old son appreciates the calming tinkle of the piano--or he's just f***** with me), the Jamie Foxx cd and the Kanye West cd. West got some Hip Hop chops. He has lyrics. It's not just a rap style. (There is a difference between Hip Hop--as in culture and rap--a rhythmic style of word delivery).
If you caught the show Foxx and West put on, well, what else can be said? (more)

I Know Some Really (nice) People...

I Know Some Really nice People and They Act Like I don't Know.I don't want to have to write this blog but someone has to say it.And I'm only saying it because I really like you. Thank you for being so nice up but find some way to be humble.
Humility is God's gift to us. It prevents us from being insufferable know-it-all, pains-in-the-ass idiots to the rest of the human race.Humility stops other folks from disliking you.Humility brings knowledge and self discovery. I no longer avoid humbling experiences but welcome them. The single most important lesson learned: how to develop good news judgement. (more)

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