Thursday, October 15, 2009

President Obama's town hall question-of-the-year

The question of the year was asked by a little boy during a Louisiana town hall meeting. He asked the president, " Why do people hate you so much?"
The president seemed shocked. I was shocked but blessed by the truth that can touch children. Out of the mouths of babes, huh?
The president told him he was not hated and that he got a lot of votes.
Adults have to tell children that. But don't think for one moment that we all weren't waiting to hear the answer. Adults are too ashamed to ask such simple questions.
But why would a fourth grade boy think that people hate the president? I wonder where he got that idea? Anyone?

Friday, October 09, 2009

Obama says he'll accept Nobel as 'call to action' - Yahoo! News

Obama says he'll accept Nobel as a call to action - Yahoo! News
I am glad the president won the Nobel prize. It was pleasant news to me this morning. Then again, I am not a hate-filled shrew with an axe to grind.

Monday, September 07, 2009

Race and the Office of the President

When the Presidential election was called in President Barack Obama's favor last year, one group of cable news anchors and pundints expressed open shock and surprise on air. They turned to the nearest black man, who was a pundit as well and asked him something to the effect of "Now what?" The black man of course had a perplexed look on his face because he didn't immedeately understand why he was on the hot seat.

He told them an approximate of, the country would be run businesses-as-usual just like every other day in America. The only difference would be that the President is now black instead of white.

The fact that the nearest liberal black man was asked for further instructions on what next to do just because America had just elected its first black President was outlandish but emensly entertaining to watch because it seemed to be genuine emotion.

However, it is questionalble if everything is being conducted business-as-usual since the election in this country. Blacks thought that there would be some miracle sea change in public perception of blacks and that their social status would rise and everyone who wanted a job would automatically get one--right away. Whites thought that peace would blanket the earth and we would all finally get along. Or did they?

Not every white voted for President Obama in the presidential election however almost every black did.

Thursday, September 03, 2009

"The Catfight" (jeeze)

When the announcement of Diane Sawyer to anchor the ABC Evening News reached the morning re-hash, I actually heard the word, "catfight" slide out of the mouth of a man who supposedly was important enough to speak for all of media. I believe he said, "all of media loves a catfight." or something equally as illiterate. (Even if he was only repeating what he heard elsewhere)
Still? Are we still on the women as journalists thing? After maligning Katie Couric for weeks on end, now they start Diane Sawyers hard earned climb to the top off with the phrase, "a catfight". Well understand that just last week, they stopped slapping women in the newsroom on the ass and calling them honey.
Okay, no they didn't. And they still have to get coffee for the boss in between writin' articles about food and kids and housework.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

I'm with the President, not Stupidly

It is stupid not to use one's skill set to defuse or de-escalate a situation. That is what police officers do all day long all over the country-- correctly. However, when they do not do that, situations, misunderstandings and arrests occur.
Ask any police officer if they are anxious to fill out unecessary paperwork for a battle of egos. The answer is no. However, instead of throwing cold water on the hot tempered Harvard Law professor, the veteran officer joined in the ego struggle and hauled the man down to the station only to see him released later.
The police officer did this because he could and because he wanted to prove a point and teach the Harvard Law professor a lesson.
A lesson in what? Intolerance? Acting stupidly?
We don't even have to look at race. We can just look at basic facts: A Harvard Law professor and a seasoned veteran law enforcement professional could not come to terms, work out a simple misunderstanding or find a solution on their own.
The officer's solution was to assert his authority to arrest. The professor's solution was to cry foul and reportedly yell and scream. I cannot see if he had stood silent except for yes sir answers to questions that he would have been placed under arrest.
The situation will be made worse if that is the case.
However, if these two intellegent men cannot come to a reasonable agreement, then how can the general population of morons that comprise the rest of the world be expected to do better? I'm no professor nor veteran cop. I have a big mouth and an attitude problem when provoked. Don't ask me to understand s*it else.
So when the President says the officer acted "stupidly", understand he is referring to the basics in law enforcement that were ignored--de-escalating situations and soothing flared tempers. Police are taught conflict resolution but it is useless or stupid if it is not practiced.
It is also stupid to yell at a cop. He could arrest or shoot you.
And that is my explination of "stupidly."

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Michael Jackson had something for everyone--no need to blame Jamie

Well, I went to the Jamie Foxx web site and there is a virtual race war-of-words going on there. Some are accusing Mr. Foxx of being a racist after viewing the Black Entertainment Television Awards Show last week.
If any of you watched Michael Jackson’s memorial on Monday and heard Al Sharpton entire speech, then maybe you will get the hint that Mr. Jackson was indeed a black man. Don’t blame Jamie Foxx for that, for he too is a black man. There are some things relatable across the races and some things relatable to the races. Mike’s last CD was a testament to the love he felt for his community. His entire music catalog is a testament to how he loved music and his fans.
Invincible was played at every stepper’s set for years and still got some play before he died just because it was gooooood! We like and appreciate that Mike, so thanks. We liked all of his songs but some of those syncopated beats scream foot work and some scream other dance moves--stuff I‘m too old to do. We all like some things more than others. That is just the way people are made up. No one calls Foxx a racist when he is hosting the Country Music Awards. He is just as funny and shocking as ever. So I think the rub in all of this is that Foxx reminded folk that Michael Jackson was a black man.
Some of his fans do not want to take this fact into consideration. He was everything but to them. The truth is that he was a little black boy from Gary, Indiana--which is 85 percent African American--who grew up in Los Angles using his talent to his advantage. Was he more than just a black man? Yes, just as all black men are more than just a black man and just like all white men are more than just white men,
et cetera. We are all more than just our race. However, it seems being black sticks under the craw of many. I don’t know why but it just seems to make a difference. As assimilated as we are, it should not be but it is and it takes a great effort on a black person’s part to downplay anything that gets in the way of acceptance. Mike proved that. As blacks we are still making and counting firsts. Mike proved that too.
Let us not find a blame in all of this surrounding MJ’s death but take entertainment at face value and not make it a political action committee. If you want to fight for rights or anything else good that helps the human race, President Obama has several very fine outfits people can join.

P.S. Ladies no one will care if you work, are on government assistance, have had children out-of-wedlock or whatever. Those things are your personal choices and do not give nor take away your right to speak out. So please stop prefacing comments with ”I am a single mother…” No one cares and we are not giving out awards for choosing to birth and/or raise children. We used to but not anymore because everybody’s doing it.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Say a prayer for Steven Johns today and stop glorifying racist nobodies

If I have to hear one more news item about this white racist fuck who shot a black security guard, I will scream.
Memorials to the slain officer have been few. What about his family? Why do we glorify racist hate and violence on the news as if this old fart-who will rot the rest of his miserable life away in a hole-is a fn hero?
And I had the nerve to hear a news report that many war veterans are upset that a black man was elected president. (I heard it on CNN)
Blacks have to develop their own communication vehicle and start caring about their own community before we can be accepted into the Circle of Life. Only a few of us have made it so far.
Whites won't hire blacks hardly at all because they certainly cannot send their children to a black community for a damn job--one as good as they could give their children.
I know many whites wonder why blacks won't do more, care more for themselves and stop trying to force whites to accept us and include us. I wonder that too and I don't know.
When black college students graduate, do they get jobs at black corporations and newspapers?
Mostly, that is not the case and I am struggling to understand why.
Now I am not saying that the races should be separate. It's just that I cannot help but to notice how different groups of people react to news about events that happen in their community and it is shocking to me.
Say a prayer today for the slain officer, Stephen Johns and his family. He had a son and a job and lots of people who loved him in his life and I am sure they are hurting right now.

Monday, June 01, 2009

MTT Special Education/Autism Software Wins Two Awards

SHAKER HEIGHTS, Ohio--ComputEd Gazette and the Association for Educational Publishers (AEP), two organizations respected for their highly competitive awards programs, recently honored VizZle(TM), a web-based software for educators from Monarch Teaching Technologies, Inc. (MTT) with awards for MTT's autism/special education software.

"The special education field desperately needs viable, cost-controlled solutions to optimize a school's ability to serve children with special needs like autism," said Terry Murphy, CEO of MTT. "Now more than ever as public schools try to qualify their spending under federal stimulus funding guidelines."

VizZle both earned the Teacher Tools/Special Education Website accolade and received the distinction of a standout review for its autism and special education software by the ComputEd staff writers ( ).

AEP sponsors one of the educational publishing industry's largest and longest-running competitions, the prestigious Golden Lamp Awards. The AEP describes Golden Lamp Finalists as "...defined by their superior use of content, design, and fulfillment of the product's educational mission. Four finalists are chosen in each entry category, representing 16 of the year's most elite educational products." VizZle was named as a finalist in the Technology Innovations category, which is considered an award in and of itself. The final winners will be announced in June ( )

VizZle is a proprietary, web-based software as service providing educators and parents with convenient, easy-to-use tools to create or modify customized interactive visuals-based educational materials for autism and special education. For more information, visit

Sunday, May 24, 2009


GARY-Attorney Tony Walker implored the Gary Common Council to ban
the wearing of low-slung pants modeled after prison inmates.In an open
letter to the Council, Attorney Walker argues that the prion dress style does
economic harm to the City of Gary by lowering property values and
deterring commerce and business investment. Attorney Walker defines this
dress style as "blight" and compares to the aesthetic of Gary's dilapidated
physical structures. The proposed ordinance would make it an infraction to
wear pants below the waist line punishable by up to a $100 fine and/or
community service. Violators would be issued a summons appear in
Gary City Court but would not be eligible for arrest based upon the violation.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Cruiser Customizing

A motorcycle community is a group of people with like minded interests as it pertains to motorcycles and riding.
I have run across all types of motorcycle groups--Jewish in Florida, female groups in Indiana, cop groups, classic biker, preps, crotch rocket enthusiasts, professionals, etc. If you can name the interest, I could probably find you a motorcycle group. So if you like to ride why not go to a groovy motorcycle community named Cruiser Customizing.
Cruiser Customizing employees are also passionate bikers and the site has a ton of links related to maintaining your bike right and a community of enthusiasts that you can connect to and maybe get in on some new places to ride.
They push safety first and show you ways to be the safest, best rider you can be.


Breakfast was great this morning. I love breakfast because it is the most important meal of the day. Breakfast with meat is the best. I like sausage for breakfast. I usually prepare turkey bacon, sometimes grits with cheese, eggs, oatmeal topped off with orange juice or cranberry juice.
Do you think my kids appreciate all of the work I put into breakfast? Yeah,they'd say something if I didn't prepare it!
With all of that I usually just have time for coffee. I take my coffee with a bit of sugar and cream. Okay lots of cream and sugar. I'm trying to get off sugar.

Monday, April 20, 2009


Academy Award Nominee Taraji P. Henson (“The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”) Also Guest-Voices

International hip-hop superstar and 12-time Grammy Award winner Kanye West and Academy Award nominee Taraji P. Henson get animated when they lend their voices to THE CLEVELAND SHOW, the highly anticipated FAMILY GUY spin-off set to debut this fall on FOX. West will appear as KENNY WEST, an all-around cool kid and the archenemy of CLEVELAND JR. (Kevin Michael Richardson), and the two will engage in a “rap battle” for the affection of high school hottie CHANEL (Henson).

THE CLEVELAND SHOW is a new animated series that follows everyone’s favorite soft-spoken neighbor CLEVELAND BROWN (Mike Henry) to his hometown in Virginia, as he settles down with his high school sweetheart, DONNA (Sanaa Lathan); her unruly kids; and his own 14-year-old son, Cleveland Jr. (Richardson). Once in Virginia, Cleveland has a few surprises in store for him, including ROBERTA (Reagan Gomez-Preston), a rebellious new stepdaughter; RALLO (Henry), a 5-year-old stepson who loves the ladies; and a collection of neighbors that includes a loudmouth redneck, LESTER (Richardson); a hipster wanna-be, HOLT (guest voice Jason Sudeikis); and a pious pair of talking bears, TIM (Seth MacFarlane) and his wife ARIANNA (guest voice Arianna Huffington).

Kanye West’s fourth consecutive chart-topping album, “808s & Heartbreak,” was released in November 2008 and has sold over 1.5 million copies to date. He has received numerous accolades for his latest album, and his hit single “Heartless” has been at the top of the charts for 16 weeks and counting.

Taraji P. Henson earned an Academy Award nomination in 2009 for her supporting role opposite Brad Pitt in the critically acclaimed film “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Henson has appeared in “Hustle & Flow” with Terrence Howard and “Talk to Me” opposite Don Cheadle. Her upcoming films include “Hurricane Season” opposite Forest Whitaker, “Once Fallen” with Ed Harris and Tyler Perry’s “I Can Do Bad All By Myself.” Her television credits include “Boston Legal” and “Eli Stone.”

THE CLEVELAND SHOW is a 20th Century Fox Television production. Seth MacFarlane, Rich Appel and Mike Henry are executive producers and co-creators of the series.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Black Male Teachers

From my inbox to you, courtesy of my friend Toni!

Do you know any Black males who are seniors in high school who want to go to college out of state for "FREE" ? Several Black Colleges are looking for future black male teachers and will send them to universities/colleges for 4 years FREE.

The 'Call Me MISTER' program is an effort to address the critical shortage of African American male teachers particularly among South Carolina 's lowest performing public schools. Program participants are selected from among under-served, socio-economically disadvantaged and educationally at-risk communities.

The program is a collaboration between Clemson University and four historically black colleges in South Carolina : Benedict College , Claflin University , Morris College and South Carolina State University.

The project provides:

Tuition for admitted students pursuing approved programs of study at participating colleges.

An academic support system to help assure their success. A cohort system for social and cultural support.

For more details and the online application or call(800)640-2657.


Monday, March 02, 2009

News You Can Use

white collar support group (great idea!)

consumers buy more preowned cars than new

rights issue

Sony shakeup

who is middle class?
There is poor-those who are supported by government aid or charity.
A sub-section of the proletariat, the lumpenproletariat (rag-proletariat), are the extremely poor and unemployed, such as day laborers and homeless people.

working poor-a term used to describe individuals and families who maintain regular employment but remain in relative poverty due to low levels of pay and dependent expenses.

working class-The multitude of individuals who sell their labor power for wages and do not own the means of production, and he defined them as being responsible for creating the wealth of a society. For example, the members of this class physically build bridges, craft furniture, fix cars, grow food, and nurse children, but do not themselves own the land, factories or means of production. (The self-employed worker may be a member of the petite bourgeoisie--for example a highly paid professional, athlete, etc. or a member of the proletariat--like, a contract worker whose income may be relatively high but is precarious).
Petit-bourgeois is a French term that originally referred to the members of the lower middle social classes in the 18th and early 19th centuries.
It seems this country's class system is based in Socialism and the teachings of Karl Marx. Hmmmm. So it seems we are a hybrid blend of Capitalistic and Socialistic teachings. It seems American ideals are a patchwork of ideologies reflective of those who live here, often migrating from other parts of the world. Hmmm.

lower middle class,In American society, the middle class may be divided into two or three sub-groups. When divided into two parts, the lower middle class, also sometimes simply referred to as "middle class," consists of roughly one third of households, roughly twice as large as the upper middle class. Common occupation fields are semi-professionals, such as school teachers or accountants, small business owners and skilled craftsmen. These individuals commonly have some college education or perhaps a Bachelor's degree and earn a comfortable living. Already among the largest social classes, rivaled only by the working class, the American lower middle class is diverse and growing.

middle class-Within capitalism, middle class initially referred to the bourgeoisie and petit bourgeoisie. However, with the(lowering)of much of the petit bourgeois world, and the growth of finance capitalism, middle class came to refer to the combination of labour aristocracy, professionals and white collar workers. In other words, like Kanye said in his first CD, " know that major don't make no money..." or something to that effect. Poor and educated/intellectual is just simple misery.

upper middle class-By most peoples standards the upper middle class are those who enjoy well above average lifestyles and most of the time don't have to worry about things like car payments and other bills commonly the stress of lower members of the middle class. According to Max Weber the upper middle class consists of well-educated professionals with graduate degrees and comfortable incomes.
The American upper middle class is defined similarly using income, education and occupation as main indicators. In the United States, the upper middle class is defined as mostly consisting of white-collar professionals who not only have above-average personal incomes and advanced educational degrees but also a high degree of autonomy in their work, leading to higher job satisfaction. The main occupational tasks of upper middle class individuals tend to center on conceptualizing, consulting, and instruction.

lower upper class, upper class, wealthy- In the United States the upper class, also referred to simply as the rich, is often considered to consist of those with great influence and wealth. While most sociologists define the upper class as the wealthiest 1%sociologist Leonard Beeghley classifies all households with a net worth of $1 million or more as "rich," while classifying the wealthiest 0.9% as the "super-rich." Since the 1970s income inequality in the United States has been increasing, with the top 1% experiencing significantly larger gains in income than the rest of society.Social scientists (such as Alan Greenspan) see it as a problem for society, with Greenspan calling it a "very disturbing trend." (Wikipedia quotes)
This is the difference between America and other nations. We can earn our way into wealth or the upper classes. In societies outside of ours, you must be born into it just like nobility.

millionaire and multi-millionaire-Millionaire is the person who has more than 15 million(says Wikipedia.) The increasing prevalence of people with more and more money has given rise to additional terms to further differentiate millionaires.
A multimillionaire has a net worth of more than 2 million units of currency, a decamillionaire has a net worth of more than 10 million units of currency, and a hectomillionaire has a net worth of more than 100 million units of currency. The term centimillionaire has become synonymous with hectomillionaire in America, despite the centi- prefix meaning 1/10not 100, in the metric system.

billionaire-A billionaire is a person who has a net worth of at least one billion units of currency, such as United States dollars (USD/US$), U.K. pounds (GBP/£) or euro (EUR/€).
The first Forbes ranking of billionaires in 1986 found 140 billionaires around the world. However, by 2008 Forbes ranking counted a total of 1,125, whose total accumulated wealth measured US$4.4 trillion. John D. Rockefeller became the first billionaire on September 29, 1916--after the onset of the modern American taxation system ratified in 1913 under the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. The earliest tax was started during the 1800 on incomes greater than $800 per year. Wow, go figure.

All of this information is courtesy of Wikipedia. I found, during my independent research, that the higher the wealth class, the lower amount of information available--indicating they are the least studied, however fascinating.

Payday Loans

The next time you need a Payday Loan,you should go to Payday Loans Mania for help. They don’t perform background checks and are pretty friendly, according to the site.
A short three minute application requires very little personal information, and you will simply be amazed at how quickly your payday loan application will be processed on their secure server. You no longer have to ask around for money or do stuff you aren’t cut out to do. You should go to the site and read the terms of the loan first. They also have a link to the no fax loan site. These payday loans are helpful when you can pay them back. Everyone needs help every now and again. So, if you are broke, don't be ashamed to ask for help at Payday Loans

Ebony & Jet on the brink of ruin

One of the MOST notable permanent fixtures in EVERY black household (back in the days), was the Ebony, along with Jet magazine.

If you wanted to learn about your history, the plight of black america, current issues facing black americans, how the political process of america affects you, how politics works, who the hottest actors were, what time a particular black television show aired, who got married recently, who were the most eligible bachelors, and bachelorettes in your town, what cities had black mayors, police chiefs, school superintendents, how to register to vote, what cars offer the best value for the buck, who employed black americans, how to apply for college scholarships, ect, MORE THAN LIKELY, the Ebony, or the Jet magazine could help you find answers to those questions.

We have recently been informed that the Johnson Publishing Company organization is currently going through a financial crisis. The company is attempting a reorganization in order to survive. Many people have already lost their jobs with a company that has employed thousands of black americans during the course of it's existence.

In order to support this effort to save OUR magazine, my friends and myself have pledged to get a subscription to both, Ebony, and Jet magazine, starting with one year. We are urging EVERY other person who comes across this plea, to do the same. Please post, repost, and post again, to any blog that you may own, or support. Please email this to EVERY person that you know, regardless of their background. Let them know that Ebony, and Jet magazine has been part of the black american culture for 3 quarters of a century, and that there is a lot that they can learn about black american culture from reading them.

We are currently discussing the idea of throwing an Ebony/Jet party, where people can eat, drink, and sign up for their subscription on the spot. Please spread this idea around to all that you know. Your sororities, fraternities, lodges, VFW posts, churches, civic groups, block clubs, caps meetings, book clubs, ect.

It would be a crying shame, to lose our historic magazine, during the same year of such an historic event as the election of our FIRST BLACK President of the US.

May our Father continue to bless us, in the name of our savior, Jesus Christ.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Irish eyes will be smiling when the 34th Annual Forever Green settles on Navy Pier in support of Chicago charities

I found this and decided to post it because during times of turmoil, it is nice to look forward to celebration. St. Patrick's Day in Chicago is the best! Everyone is Irish on that day and they color the Chicago River green and sometimes have green beer and plenty of Irish whiskey.
Can you tell I have celebrated St. Patrick's Day in Chicago more than a few times.
Well, if you are in the area, please attend. Proceeds benefit an Autism organization.

When: March 6, from 5 to 10 p.m.
Where: Navy Pier's Grand Ballroom, 600 E. Grand Ave.
Who: Anyone 21 and older, and you don't have to be Irish

Some local musical acts will appear at Chicago's largest St. Patrick's Day bash and charitable event.
The 34th year, the Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago's annual Forever Green party will be held on March 6 in the Grand Ballroom at Navy Pier with special guests, the Larkin and Moran Brothers, the Weber Band, the Shannon Rovers and more.

The festive scene at Navy Pier is sure to sway folks into a green mood early this year in advance of Chicago St. Patrick's Day parades, while supporting two local charities, one of which provides support to Autism.

The 34th edition of the annual March celebration will raise money and awareness for the Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation, which fights pediatric brain tumors, and AAction Autism, which supports international humanitarian efforts confronting autism.

Besides contributing to two Chicago area charities, Forever Green will also feature live performances from the Chicago bands and performances from Irish dance troupes.

Tickets can be purchased in advance for $40 or at the door for $45. VIP tickets will also be available for $60 in advance and $65 at the door.

For more information or to purchase tickets, visit

Michael Collins Irish Whiskey is once again proud to sponsor the Michael Collins VIP Lounge during the Forever Green celebration. Michael Collins also salutes the Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago and its efforts to promote Irish cultural activities as they embrace their heroic spirit through their involvement with AAction Autism and The Maeve McNicholas Memorial Foundation.

Michael Collins Irish Whiskeys are the dawning of a new age of Irish Whiskey; combining the best of Ireland's long history of distilling with today's demand for premium quality and unique style. Double distilled to retain the flavor characteristics of their premium ingredients and aged in small bourbon season casks, Michael Collins Irish Whiskeys are refined, flavorful and well-balanced. Michael Collins Single Malt is bold and distinctive, with complex characteristics and a hint of peat. Enjoy Michael Collins Single Malt neat. Michael Collins Blend can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, as well as in classic and contemporary cocktails.

Liven up your St. Patrick's Day with some delicious Michael Collins Irish Whiskey cocktails! The Dublin Apple will be one of the many drinks featured at the Michael Collins VIP lounge during The Young Irish Fellowship Club's Forever Green celebration.

Dublin Apple

2 parts Michael Collins Blend
1 part sour apple schnapps
2 parts top with cranberry juice
Shake the ingredients well over ice in a cocktail shaker
and pour into a rocks glass.
Garnish with a green apple slice.

-- About Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago
The Young Irish Fellowship Club of Chicago (YIFC) is a 501(c)3 non-profit, volunteer-based organization inviting people of all ethnic backgrounds to explore Irish culture, meet new friends in the community, and help support Chicago area charities.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The President highlights Ethics, Education and Entrepreneurs during his Joint Session of Congress Address

What the President said about doing the right thing...
...But in my life, I have also learned that hope is found in unlikely places; that inspiration often comes not from those with the most power or celebrity, but from the dreams and aspirations of Americans who are anything but ordinary.

I think about Leonard Abess, the bank president from Miami who reportedly cashed out of his company, took a $60 million bonus, and gave it out to all 399 people who worked for him, plus another 72 who used to work for him. He didn’t tell anyone, but when the local newspaper found out, he simply said, ''I knew some of these people since I was 7 years old. I didn't feel right getting the money myself."

And I think about Ty’Sheoma Bethea, the young girl from that school I visited in Dillon, South Carolina – a place where the ceilings leak, the paint peels off the walls, and they have to stop teaching six times a day because the train barrels by their classroom. She has been told that her school is hopeless, but the other day after class she went to the public library and typed up a letter to the people sitting in this room. She even asked her principal for the money to buy a stamp. The letter asks us for help, and says, "We are just students trying to become lawyers, doctors, congressmen like yourself and one day president, so we can make a change to not just the state of South Carolina but also the world. We are not quitters."

What the President said about Education
In a global economy where the most valuable skill you can sell is your knowledge, a good education is no longer just a pathway to opportunity – it is a prerequisite. Right now, three-quarters of the fastest-growing occupations require more than a high school diploma. And yet, just over half of our citizens have that level of education. We have one of the highest high school dropout rates of any industrialized nation. And half of the students who begin college never finish.

This is a prescription for economic decline, because we know the countries that out-teach us today will out-compete us tomorrow. That is why it will be the goal of this administration to ensure that every child has access to a complete and competitive education – from the day they are born to the day they begin a career.

Already, we have made an historic investment in education through the economic recovery plan. We have dramatically expanded early childhood education and will continue to improve its quality, because we know that the most formative learning comes in those first years of life. We have made college affordable for nearly seven million more students. And we have provided the resources necessary to prevent painful cuts and teacher layoffs that would set back our children’s progress.

But we know that our schools don’t just need more resources. They need more reform. That is why this budget creates new incentives for teacher performance; pathways for advancement, and rewards for success. We’ll invest in innovative programs that are already helping schools meet high standards and close achievement gaps. And we will expand our commitment to charter schools.

It is our responsibility as lawmakers and educators to make this system work. But it is the responsibility of every citizen to participate in it. And so tonight, I ask every American to commit to at least one year or more of higher education or career training. This can be community college or a four-year school; vocational training or an apprenticeship. But whatever the training may be, every American will need to get more than a high school diploma. And dropping out of high school is no longer an option. It’s not just quitting on yourself, it’s quitting on your country – and this country needs and values the talents of every American. That is why we will provide the support necessary for you to complete college and meet a new goal: by 2020, America will once again have the highest proportion of college graduates in the world.

I know that the price of tuition is higher than ever, which is why if you are willing to volunteer in your neighborhood or give back to your community or serve your country, we will make sure that you can afford a higher education. And to encourage a renewed spirit of national service for this and future generations, I ask this Congress to send me the bipartisan legislation that bears the name of Senator Orrin Hatch as well as an American who has never stopped asking what he can do for his country – Senator Edward Kennedy.

What the President said about Entrepreneurs
...(Credit) has stopped flowing the way it should. Too many bad loans from the housing crisis have made their way onto the books of too many banks. With so much debt and so little confidence, these banks are now fearful of lending out any more money to households, to businesses, or to each other. When there is no lending, families can’t afford to buy homes or cars. So businesses are forced to make layoffs. Our economy suffers even more, and credit dries up even further.

That is why this administration is moving swiftly and aggressively to break this destructive cycle, restore confidence, and re-start lending.

We will do so in several ways. First, we are creating a new lending fund that represents the largest effort ever to help provide auto loans, college loans, and small business loans to the consumers and entrepreneurs who keep this economy running.
For history tells a different story. History reminds us that at every moment of economic upheaval and transformation, this nation has responded with bold action and big ideas. In the midst of civil war, we laid railroad tracks from one coast to another that spurred commerce and industry. From the turmoil of the Industrial Revolution came a system of public high schools that prepared our citizens for a new age. In the wake of war and depression, the GI Bill sent a generation to college and created the largest middle-class in history. And a twilight struggle for freedom led to a nation of highways, an American on the moon, and an explosion of technology that still shapes our world.

In each case, government didn’t supplant private enterprise; it catalyzed private enterprise. It created the conditions for thousands of entrepreneurs and new businesses to adapt and to thrive.

Friday, February 20, 2009

National Office of Urban Affairs

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The U.S. Conference of Mayors meeting held this week in Washington D.C. was highlighted by a meeting with the President and Vice President of the United States on Friday, February 20 inside the White House East Room.

President Obama announced that he signed February 19, an executive order establishing the White House Office of Urban Affairs, where former New York City Bronx Borough President Adolfo Carrion will head up the agency. The office was created to, ”provide leadership for and coordinate the development of the policy agenda for urban America across executive departments and agencies;
(b) to coordinate all aspects of urban policy;
(c) to work with executive departments and agencies to ensure that appropriate consideration is given by such departments and agencies to the potential impact of their actions on urban areas;
(d) to work with executive departments and agencies, including the Office of Management and Budget, to ensure that Federal Government dollars targeted to urban areas are effectively spent on the highest-impact programs; and
(e) to engage in outreach and work closely with State and local officials, with nonprofit organizations, and with the private sector, both in seeking input regarding the development of a comprehensive urban policy and in ensuring that the implementation of Federal programs advances the objectives of that policy.”

In short, the office will coordinate all federal urban programs. The President said he is getting letters from constituents across the country about the problems they are facing. He acknowledged that mayors cannot deficit spend and that is why the recovery plan will create 3.5 million jobs and aid state and local governments to stem municipal cutbacks. He reiterated that 18 million will get health insurance and seven million taxpayers will receive financial help to get insurance after job loss.

“What makes this recovery plan so important we are putting America to work in what needs done in critical areas…it lays a new foundation,” the President said.

He said 400,000 people will be put to work across the country in infrastructure improvement based jobs. Infrastructure improvements include roads and highways, bridges, high speed rail, early childhood education, modernization of medical records and laying broadband lines

“We’ve done more in 30 days to advance health care reform than has occurred in a decade,” he said. He also said, what is required in returned is unprecedented accountability and responsibility to the taxpayer.

“They expect to see their money spent in its intended purposes without waste or fraud,” President Obama said.
He said this means he will hold both federal and local municipalities responsible for its use.
“We will use the new tools to watch the taxpayers money with more rigor and transparency than ever. If a federal agency proposes something that will waste money I will put them on notice,” President Obama said.

He said the same goes for local municipalities.
“I will call them out on it.” No compromise or shortcuts, he said.
He said the stimulus plan does not mark the end but the beginning of what he plans to do to attack urban challenges.
The President said he thinks about his start into politics when speaking with mayors--community outreach. He said citizens frequently look to local municipalities in times of financial trouble.

Reporters speaking with the mayors during an impromptu news conference on the white house driveway, after the meeting, asked about this accountability.
The mayors collectively said they welcome having their feet being held to the fire because it is what they have been going through everyday anyway. New Orleans mayor, Ray Nagen, said the money the cities will receive will go through the states to be disbursed. He said it took about three years to get hurricane victim monies. He said the legislature of each state can vote whether to take the money or not.

Questions then centered around making sure that the cities could receive the economic stimulus if the money was voted approved by each state and how they would like to see it spent.
After hearing from Democratic mayors, reporters on hand called to hear from Republican mayors.

A Republican mayor from Minnesota said, “one of the things we are now recognizing are the tools being put on the table to put our people back to work. The reinvestment act makes sure people are back to work and infrastructure is repaired and amenities offered, enriching the lives of each city’s citizens.
Another Republican South Carolina mayor said he was against the stimulus package at first but now that the recovery bill is law, he thinks, “we need to put as much of the money in long term projects as possible.”
It was apparent that the mayors who attended the meeting were on board with the President's plans.

Vice-President Joe Biden reminded all in attendance about the web site that could help shed light on how the recovery money is spent.

“Only after one month, laws have been signed to strengthen the American people. The results are clear and ready for the people to see it involves patient outreach," Vice President Joe Biden said, during an introduction of President Barack Obama.
“There is so much more to do,” he said.

Biden spoke of how for years America’s cities have been neglected and the concerns of its mayors unheard.
“We know how important cities are. Seven out of ten jobs are in (our nation’s) cities.” They haven’t been paid much attention to thus far.

He said the recovery package signed into law will provide “unprecedented investment in American cities."
“We have to make this work for our people,“ Biden said.
He acknowledged that taxpayers are trusting the government to spend the money in a way that it was intended. He said taxpayers can go to to see how the money is being spent and make their concerns known.

He asked the mayors to highlight projects that need private investment and growth.
“The world is watching to see how well this will work.” Biden said.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

New York Post cartoon draws fire from Journalists of Color

The New York Post is sorely misguided in its efforts to downplay the serious lapse in judgment exhibited in today's editorial cartoon by Sean Delonas. To think that the cartoonist and the responsible editors at the paper did not see the racist overtones of the finished product should insult their intelligence. Instead, they celebrate their own lack of perspective and criticize those who call it what it is: tone deaf at best, overtly racist at worst.

"I question the judgment of the editorial editors to move this to print as well as the diversity of its staff that would let them think this passes as comedy," said Barbara Ciara, president of the National Association of Black Journalists and vice president of UNITY: Journalists of Color.

UNITY President Rafael Olmeda also criticized the explanation offered by the New York Post. "Are we to believe that the image of a slain chimpanzee juxtaposed with a comment about the stimulus package would not lead reasonable people to draw a comparison with the person with whom the stimulus package is most associated?" Olmeda said. "Surely, Mr. Delonas and the editors can't be that obtuse."

UNITY condemns the cartoon as well as the newspaper's weak explanation.

UNITY: Journalists of Color, Inc. is a strategic alliance advocating news coverage about people of color, and aggressively challenging its organizations at all levels to reflect the nation's diversity. UNITY, representing more than 10,000 journalists of color, is comprised of four national associations: Asian American Journalists Association, National Association of Black Journalists, National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the Native American Journalists Association.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Our President really cares about America

Today, I signed the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act into law.

This is a historic step -- the first of many as we work together to climb out of this crisis -- and I want to thank you for your resolve and your support.

You organized thousands of house meetings. You shared your ideas and personal stories. And you informed your friends and neighbors about the need for immediate action. You continue to be a powerful voice for change throughout the country.

The recovery plan will create or save 3.5 million jobs, provide tax cuts for working and middle-class families, and invest in health care and clean energy.

It's a bold plan to address a huge problem, and it will require my vigilance and yours to make sure it's done right.

I've assigned a team of managers to oversee the implementation of the recovery act. We are committed to making sure no dollar is wasted. But accountability begins with you.

That's why my administration has created, a new website where citizens can track every dollar spent and every job created. We'll invite you and your neighbors to weigh in with comments and questions.

Our progress will also be measured by the tens of thousands of personal stories submitted by people who are struggling to make ends meet. If you haven't already, you can read stories from families all across the country:

Your stories are the heart of this recovery plan, and that's what I'll focus on every day as President.

With your continued support, we'll emerge a stronger and more prosperous nation.

Thank you,

President Barack Obama

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Urotherapy Works?

LA PAZ, Bolivia – A Bolivian woman has died from an injection of urine allegedly administered by her friend as a form of health therapy, a prosecutor said Tuesday. Investigating prosecutor Oscar Flores told The Associated Press that 35-year-old Gabriela Ascarrunz died Saturday of an "infection caused by urine that was injected by fashion designer Monica Schultz."
I cannot imagine how this works but apparently it does. I would like to know why it did not work in this woman's case but it did work in the clothing designer who allegedly gave her the fatal dosage.
I read a little on this topic and saw on Wikipedia that Madonna used it to cure athelet's foot fungus.
Apparently this urotherapy has been around for thousands of years.
Growing up I have heard old wives tales that say wipe your face or the baby's face with infant urine for healthy skin. I saw the end results of this but the person was not using cloth diapers but the modern kind. Maybe that was a factor but the baby's face was rash upon rash. Maybe as time went on it cleared up--I dunno.
Anyone else know about urotherapy?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Thank You for the passage of the stimulus bill

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama's economic recovery plan has passed the Senate and is on its way to difficult House-Senate negotiations. Just three Republicans helped pass the plan on a 61-37 vote and they're already signaling they'll play hardball to preserve more than $108 billion in spending cuts made last week in Senate dealmaking. Obama wants to restore cuts in funds for school construction jobs and help for cash-starved states.

Are Katherine and T.R. Leaving Grey's Anatomy?

By Kristin Dos Santos
Tue Feb 10, 12:11 PM PST

After months of rumors that Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight may be leaving Grey's Anatomy, costar James Pickens ("The Chief") has added fuel to the fire.

"Yes, she is," he told Us Weekly when asked if Heigl will exit the show. "Wherever Katherine goes, I wish her nothing but the best."

As for Knight, Pickens said, "He's going too."

Nice song and so true

Monday, February 09, 2009

Will Yall Quit FN with me and pass the stimulus bill

WASHINGTON – President Barack Obama, urgently pressuring lawmakers to approve a massive economic recovery bill, turned his first news conference Monday night into a determined defense of his emergency plan and an offensive against Republicans who try to "play the usual political games."

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Of Interest...NWI Times

May 31st 2008

The memorial tattoos on Gary police Officer Keith Richardson and Sgt. Brian Colbert represent their connection with their fellow Gary police, and their distance from everyone else. Colbert feels he only can talk to his co-workers about his job. When Richardson mentions a time a man shot at him, he does it casually, the way another person might recall a minor car accident or a dispute with the bank.
"Until you've walked in these boots," Richardson begins.
"You'll never know," Colbert finishes.
Richardson - a slim, efficient uniformed officer - bears a tattoo for Dorian Rorex, a Gary detective shot dead by a drug suspect in 1998. The big, jocular, talkative Colbert carries a forearm full of tattoos that memorialize all fallen officers. Colbert has one tattoo specifically for a close friend, Cpl. Louis "Boochie" Donald Jr., who died in a car wreck during a police chase in 2001.
They speak the cop dialect: weary and proud, protective of society and disturbed by society. Most of all, they feel linked to other police. Others can't understand, they say.
"The reason that I exist is my two daughters, and I don't have them tattooed on here," Richardson said.
Read the remainder of NWI Times News reporter DAN HINKEL's article here.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Get Involved in Your Schools
I found this on an e-mail list and feel that it is worth passing along to you who are concerned. This is the best way to get vital news out to the public.
These decisions have been made by the school board. No one likes change, but it is necessary in our district for us to proceed with change and progress.
Many Wirt students, special needs students included, come from the Horace Mann area. Wirt students are not exclusively from the 1st District now.
The themed high schools will launch in the fall of 2009.
At Emerson, the student has one class/school day in their major. The rest of the school day is academic work as usual. Emerson is the only Gary high school which made AYP again this year. Emerson's ISTEP scores are the highest in Gary and are competitve with other schools in NWIN. Much of the arts activity is done after school, again requiring heightened parental and student involvement. The performance aspect of Emerson alone is community outreach. The auditorium at Wirt is beautiful, and it will be fully utilized by Emerson. Emerson hasn't had a place of its own in which to perform for years.
West Side will be taking on middle school students as will each of the four themed schools. (Emerson is already 6-12 because of its charter. It's ready-made for this configuration and is ready and anxious to expand.) This all is happening this fall.
The 1st District is not sacrificing its school. Emerson has always been a 1st District school. As it has been for years now, all the Gary high schools have been schools of choice. The kids are bussed all over the city. I have some of the same students I taught at Wirt now at West Side. At least now the movement will make some sense.

Subject: get involved in your schools

First District parents are being told that a student does not have to be a prodigy to attend Emerson. That may be true, but when I went to the Indiana Department of Education website, I did not find any teacher for students with special needs at Emerson.

Not counting Learning Disabled and those with Emotional Disabilities, there are 296 special needs students at Wirt. Where will the special needs students from the 1st District go?

Another concern is where will the students who have no desire to major in the arts go? There is not going to be a new themed schools until 2010 at the earliest, if ever.

I do agree with Nora that it takes parental and community involvement for any school to succeed. I also believe that if this community puts as much effort into making its local schools work as it does for other issues, any school in the 1st District will be successful.

Here are a few more questions:
Will the education of the children in the 1st District be advanced when the majority of them are transferred to Roosevelt, Lew Wallace or West Side? Will the majority of children in the 1st District have the same opportunity to succeed as the students at Banneker and Emerson? Should the board wait until all the schools are themed schools before closing Wirt? Why is the board asking the 1st District to sacrifice its school when West Side is a larger facility and has a state of the art auditorium? Should the school district be subsidizing the Gary Theater Guild with our taxes? Should the students have to compete with the theater guild for West Side High School's auditorium? Should the board be spending money on reconfiguring the high schools or fixing leaky roofs?

Ask questions. Get involved. Here is the link to the school board committee meetings.

Check out this link to see the number of students at Emerson and the cost per pupil:
You will have to scroll down to the bottom of this page to find this information,

Then check out this link to see class sizes and courses offered at Emerson:

Now click on this link to see the number of students and cost per student for Wirt High School.
Again, you will have to go to the bottom of the page to find this information.

Then check out this link for class sizes and courses offered.
There are 14 special needs teachers at Wirt.

Monday, February 02, 2009 finally broke through

TiVo Inc. the creator and a leader of advertising solutions and television services for digital video recorders (DVRs), announced this year's top ten Super Bowl commercial moments.

This information was prepared using aggregated, anonymous, second-by-second audience measurement data about how TiVo subscribers watched the game, primarily which spots were rewound and watched again.
finally broke through this year, snatching the coveted crown from the E-Trade talking baby, which couldn't repeat this year despite similarly themed follow-up spots.

This is the first top ten finish for GoDaddy, infamous for a too-hot-for-TV campaign it has utilized the past couple Super Bowls. The Internet domain company apparently benefited from the game's dramatic finish, as their fourth quarter spot had far more viewership than the ad the company ran in the first quarter. And Bud Light does it again, this year another clear winner holding two of the top ten spots.

With unemployment rates rising from coast to coast, two job Websites cashed in on grabbing viewers' attention, with claiming the number three slot and competitor landing at number six. Doritos continues to ride a user-generated strategy to strong success, with this year's entrant earning a number four ranking.

Annual list occupants Bud Light, Pepsi and Coke held their own, with each brand occupying a piece of the top ten. First time Super Bowl advertiser Denny's cracked the top ten thanks to the last five seconds of the ad, in which the chain unveiled a free Grand Slam breakfast offer. Also, the movie preview for the upcoming Transformers sequel marks the first time a movie trailer landed on the TiVo top ten list since 2003 when both Universal Pictures Bruce Almighty and Sony Pictures - Charlie's Angels Full Throttle made the list.

Prior to the game much was made about 3-D advertisements, but consumers apparently didn't grab their 3-D glasses in time, as spots such as a preview for Monsters vs. Aliens fell well short of the pace, barely cracking the top fifty.

"This year TiVo viewers were in control of one of the greatest NFL games ever played, a perfect example of the power of pressing pause or rewind during a live-action event," said Todd Juenger, Vice President & General Manager, TiVo Audience Research and Measurement.

"Topping the drama and excitement of last year's big game probably seemed impossible for many advertisers, but this game truly delivered, especially for those who chose time slots towards the end of the game. TiVo is the only service that can release ratings based on actual viewer behavior, rather than surveys or after the fact polling," Juenger said.

"It is an insight that is unique to TiVo, one we can take advantage of not only for the Super Bowl, but throughout the year, benefiting ad agencies, TV networks, and brand customers alike," he said.

In the first half of the game action on the field was overshadowed by commercials, with four of the most rewound moments involving advertisements. The most viewed moment of the first half was the Doritos Crystal Ball spot, impressive considering it beat out James Harrison's record breaking interception return at the end of the half.

In the second half action intensified on the field, with the top-replayed moments all happening inside the hash marks. The most viewed moment was Santonio Holmes' tip-toe touchdown grab that gave the Steelers the lead in the final minute.

Despite more replays of game action, viewership increased in the fourth quarter enough that GoDaddy's spot earned more eyeballs than the Doritos ad of the first half.

Sunday, February 01, 2009

"I love this Guy!"

Armisen nails it again!

This man makes SNL complete. He also has a site of his own at He is so funny. He does a lot of the SNL Backstage Blog--which is pretty good. It shows how they apply the makeup and costumes for skits and some of the process it takes to make the show every week. Go to the NBC SNL site. I found it this way in a Google Seach.

Saturday, January 31, 2009


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Eight babies

I keep hearing comments about the woman who gave birth to eight babies. She already had six, used artificial insemination and now people are trippin.
She has a grand total of 14 kids and folk have lost their minds.
Did she ask you to babysit? Nope. Is she staying at your house? Nope.
That is why I am happy for her. If at 33 she wants to devote herself to her family, that is great. Not many women want to do that and if they do, they may not commit to 14 babies.
Her dad said that they have a huge house and I am thinking lots of money. He works in Iraq or Iran as a contractor.
I'm thinking that they are loaded! And guess what? I bet she gets pregnant again.
Leave her be. Someone has to be the momma!

Paintball Fun

The last time I played paintball, I got hit in the arm by apaintball sniper. I never saw it coming. I was ready to sit down anyway! I didn't realize how strenuous playing paintball could be.
I must admit, it was very fun. However, I think that I will upgrade my paintball gun for my next visit to the paintball arena. Everyone had really nice equipment that worked. They said they ordered it from Ultimate Paintball. No more used paintball equipment for me. Next time I will be the sniper with my Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion, Spyder Pilot!

Friday, January 30, 2009

White House Task Force on Middle Class Working Families

There are many people who think change comes easy and that it was only a campaign slogan. There are those who focus on ideas other than those that will move us forward as a nation--like Rush Limbaugh and the like.

However, creating a the middle class task force for is a major initiative targeted at raising the living standards of middle-class, working families in America. It is comprised of top-level administration policy makers, and in addition to regular meetings, it will conduct outreach sessions with representatives of labor, business, and the advocacy communities.

Rush can't and won't do anything like that for his listeners--ever.

It seems the Obama Administration is moving away from "trickle down economics" where the lower classes may or may not get the help they need.

The Task Force will be chaired by Vice President Joe Biden. The Vice President and members of the task force will work with a wide array of federal agencies that have responsibility for key issues facing the middle class and expedite administrative reforms, propose Executive orders, and develop legislative and policy proposals that can be of special importance to working families.

Members of the Middle Class Task Force include: Vice President Biden, Chair; the Secretaries of Labor, Health and Human Services, Education, and Commerce, as well as the Directors of the National Economic Council, the Office of Management and Budget, the Domestic Policy Council, and the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisors.

Goals of the task force:

Expanding education and lifelong training opportunities
Improving work and family balance
Restoring labor standards, including workplace safety
Helping to protect middle-class and working-family incomes
Protecting retirement security
We’d like to hear from you. Over the upcoming months, we will focus on answering those concerns that matter most to families. What can we do to make retirement more secure? How can we make child and elder care more affordable? How do we improve workplace safety? How are we going to get the cost of college within reach? What can we do to help weary parents juggle work and family? What are the jobs of the future that we can begin to create? Please share your story with us and give us ideas for how to get the middle class going again.

Transparency: The Task Force will operate in a transparent fashion, in an open, two-way dialogue directly with the American people. Any materials from meetings or reports produced will be made available to the public at

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Lap-Band Weight loss surgery

Dr. Richard Collier is a Lap-Band surgical specialist, who provides the premier, comprehensive Lap-Band®, weight loss surgery program as the alternative to more invasive procedures such as Gastric Bypass Surgery in The Woodlands, Conroe, Houston, Kingwood, and Spring, Texas areas.

His acclaimed weight loss program combines his well respected 31 year level of surgical experience with a highly-praised aftercare team program approach for patients following their surgery. Please use the medical center that is most convienient to you like the Weight loss woodlands at St. Luke's Community Medical Center.

Approved by the FDA in June 2001, the LAP-BAND® System procedure is an adjustable and completely reversible surgical treatment for morbid obesity in the United States. The new Allergan Advanced Platform System® was introduced in 2007. It induces weight-loss by reducing hunger and by restricting the amount of food that can be consumed during each meal. Since its clinical introduction in 1993, more than 400,000LAP-BAND® System procedures have been performed around the world.

With that being said, I have a friend who has had the procedure and she looks fabulous! I am now thinking about it myself.

There is a tab on the site where those interested can test their body mass index and find a payment plan that suits them.

Illinois can forgetaboutit when it comes to money

The state of Illinois can forgetaboutit when it comes to money from the government. There is a paragraph in the $819 billion stimulus package which passed the House Wednesday--without the aid of Republicans--which excludes the state of Illinois from receiving any stimulus package funds while Rod Blagojevich is governor. Good thing the impeachment hearings are on going.
3 None of the funds provided by this Act may be made
4 available to the State of Illinois, or any agency of the
5 State, unless (1) the use of such funds by the State is
6 approved in legislation enacted by the State after the date
7 of the enactment of this Act, or (2) Rod R. Blagojevich
8 no longer holds the office of Governor of the State of Illi
9 nois. The preceding sentence shall not apply to any funds
10 provided directly to a unit of local government (1) by a
11 Federal department or agency, or (2) by an established
12 formula from the State.
This action lets you know where the President stands in this whole situation. So for you people who feel sorry for Mr. Blagojevich, understand where your loyalties lie because they are not with the President of the United States of America, Barack Obama. (or the state of Illinois, apparently.)
Editor's Note: Yes, Mr. President holds all the trump cards and he is running a Boston.Here is the link. You can read it for yourselves.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I intend to purchase a Volkswagen turbo and fix it up a bit--to my taste--but I found I didn't know as much as I thought about engines and turbochargers. I didn't want to be taken advantage of so set about surfing the web and found a site called After viewing the site, I learned the difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger.

The key difference between a turbocharger and a supercharger is its power supply. Something has to supply the power to run the air compressor. In a supercharger, there is a belt that connects directly to the engine. It gets its power the same way that the water pump or alternator does. A turbocharger, on the other hand, gets its power from the exhaust stream. The exhaust runs through a turbine , which in turn spins the compressor

There are trade offs in both systems. In theory, a turbocharger is more efficient because it is using the "wasted" energy in the exhaust stream for its power source. On the other hand, a turbocharger causes some amount of back pressure in the exhaust system and tends to provide less boost until the engine is running at higher RPMs. Superchargers are easier to install but tend to be more expensive.
I recommend anyone looking for this stuff go to the site first, then make a decision.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

My Fellow Citizens...Thank You Father!

I am so moved. I am listening to "Air and Simple Gifts" and Barack and Michelle Obama are President and First Lady as of noon eastern time.
I have teared up.
I have waited so long for this moment and I am so grateful and thankful.
Thank You Jesus, for blessing America, for blessing this country that you love!
God is Good! Praise You Father!
Mr. President is now giving his acceptance speech. I must watch.
As I see it...
Now comes the end of the Era of the Sellout,
says so my President.
The real work and sacrifice is not a glamorous thing, as the President pointed out in his speech and many more times, it brings not with it wealth and fame but temporary, bearable pain with the end result of progress for the good of all humankind.
But who will stand on the front lines of "remaking America?"
Will it be you? I know that it has been me. Before it was popular and the thing to do. I did it because it was right and I am the only one who has to live with me and look me in the mirror. And I wanted to be able to do that without fear and shame.
And I have been beaten down and back, seemingly for naught but in time, its wisdom was revealed to me and made it all worth it and I saw growth--real God-given growth.
It was not easy and many times I asked God "why?"
and "what should I do now?"
Only those who know The Struggle understand my words.
I was comforted and I lived through it.
We will follow our newly appointed leader now. He is someone many of us in this country have placed out hopes upon and look to God to move in His direction.
And we will be comforted, and we will grow.
But it cannot be just him, our newly elected President or just me or just them--it must be (honestly) most of us.
I know that some of us cannot any longer bear the burden because you have been the rock and pillar the majority of your lives; worked for the community earnestly and gave from your hear, to others. Those who need rest now will take it and those who are right minded and strong and able, will take The Struggle upon them and win it for all of us.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Saturday, January 17, 2009

The Truth About Men

Breaking the Code of Silence- The Top 10 Things That Every Woman Should know about Men
Posted by Lonnie J. Hamilton on January 17, 2009 at 1:07am in Into the Mind of a Man @

1. Men don’t change- This one is most important and that’s why I listed it first. The most common mistake I see women falling victim to in their decision making procedures when it comes to men is the fact that they feel they can change a specific man into the man that they want him to be. Now, that man may have some attractive qualities about him that she likes, but still he lacks in areas that are important to her as well. So instead of her choosing to eliminate the possibility, she would rather accept this man as he is now, with hopes that she can remold or recreate him into who she really wants him to be. Whoever a man is when you meet and get to know him, that man will be 5, 10, and 15 years down the line. Not saying that men have no capabilities of changing when it comes to certain habitual actions and/or personality flaws, but the nature and character of that man will remain the same. Most women settle for less than they know they deserve out of desperation and a fear of prolonged loneliness. But would you rather be single and happy, or involved and miserable? You cannot change a man into a different man. He is who is he, and if he’s not who you want, need, and desire then don’t accept an incomplete man because you feel you will never find a complete one. Always remember that patience is a virtue, and the nature that a man presents is who he is. So if he’s not who you want, don’t try to force him to become just that. You’re only wasting your time.

2. Men Think More Than They Feel- This one is common knowledge yet I see so many women acting as if it is not. Men are thinkers, and women are feelers. The human being is made up in three parts, and where we differ is where most common problems occur. Women are spiritual, emotional, and then physical. Men are spiritual, physical, and then emotional (although we sometimes act mostly physical). We clash because women feel men don’t listen and/or understand, and men think women just don’t get that we are capable of understanding without all the emotional dramatics that some women may display in order to convince their man and force him into understanding. Men take in everything you say, believe it or not, and we process it through thought and not feeling. If we think what you said to us is important then we will act upon it in the realm of the natural or physical. If we think what you said has no value or that it carries no real weight, then you will see no change. Simply put, if you’re constantly talking or arguing with your man about how you feel, and different things he does and does not do, and still you see no adjustments, I think you already know what that means. It means that he doesn’t value you enough to compromise what he thinks for how you feel. So the patterns become cyclical until you decide to stop being taken for a ride.

3. Men Need You More Than They Say- Since the beginning of time man has needed a woman to make things better, right, and peaceful in his life. Adam had everything imaginable upon his creation, but still was incomplete without the woman of Eve to make him whole. Women are multipliers in the sense that whatever a man sows, because of that woman, what he reaps will be multiplied in its final stage. A man sows seeds, and then a woman gives him children. A man may buy groceries, and then a woman will give him a meal. A man may purchase a house, and then a woman will make it a home. Anything that a good woman touches will be multiplied for her man. And men may never voice their need for you, but trust me when I tell you that the need is there and it is strong. The strength of a woman and her support is all a real man needs in order to be all that he is destined to be. Real women make real men better men, and that is why real women are needed most.

4. Men Protect What They Value- It is in a man’s nature to protect what is most valuable to him. Rather it be his woman, his children, or material things of value; that man will protect what it is he feels is most important. If you feel that your man is not one who values you enough to protect you then the question becomes why do you risk the relationship? I ask that because with no protection involved you’re putting yourself in harm’s way. Of course you may say “Well I can protect myself” but my question is, why should you have to? Especially if you have a man.

5. Men Are Not Destructive- Boys are destructive in their nature, simply because of their rambunctious ways of behaving at times. Real men, however, build up and never tear down. A real man will build you up with his words and through his actions. If a man tears you down verbally, mentally, and/or physically then he has not yet grown into a man, and you need to reevaluate why it is that you remain with someone who’s constantly destroying you.

6. Men Cry- Sometimes men will tell you that this is not a true or accurate statement. Some men raise their son(s) with the belief that “Real men don’t cry” when it fact the real men are the ones who have enough of an emotional connection with themselves and with those most important to him, that if need be, that man will have no problem shedding tears from what may transpire from any specific event he may be dealing with at the time. I have seen men who are getting married fight their hardest to keep the tears from streaming down their face as they see their bride for the first time. I have seen me hold back their tears when attending a loved one’s funeral service, and all of this stems from men growing up with the thought in mind that if I cry it shows weakness when it fact it really shows strength. Tears don’t make a man weak, and if you think so then you need challenge why you think that way. Tears are a part of human nature. There are tears of joy and tears of pain, and a real man is secure enough in his masculinity to freely express his own when the time calls for that type of expression. Just because a man cries that does not make him a whiner. Whiners are totally different and can be male or female. Men cry, and those who fight so hard to prove that they don’t have some serious security issues with their manhood.

7. Men Thrive Off of Reaction- Have you ever noticed how a man becomes following a reaction that was totally not expected by him? A man may give you a gift of some sorts and all while that man is purchasing the gift, having the gift wrapped, and thinking of the perfect time to present to you this wonderful gift, this man’s mind is totally focused upon how you will react to what it is that he is doing. It may have nothing to do with a gift. It may be him taking out the trash without you having to remind him, or doing the laundry without you having to ask him, or cooking dinner without you knowing. Whatever the reason may be, this man is expecting you to react the same way you are reacting in his mind. Now when you don’t react the same exact way or remotely close to the way he thinks you should be reacting, then that man will have a problem with that. Of course this is a most juvenile way of response, but unfortunately that’s how men are. When we say “Look honey I cooked dinner for you” or “This is for you, just because I love you” and your reaction is a simple “Thank you” or “Awww thanks baby, I love you to” without the back flips we think you should be turning because of what we just did, we indeed have a problem with that. If you give us an awesome reaction, no matter what the deed may be, you will see how that motivates us to do more. This should not be a requirement, and it’s rather funny when you think about it, but that’s how men are. Our future actions are motivated and determined by your present response, or lack thereof.

8. Men Don’t Know What You Want- Although this is a sad statement it is in fact a true statement. I previously wrote a work titled “The 10 Definitions of What Every Woman Wants” and the women who had an opportunity to read it were amazed by what it stated and some even more angered by the fact that more men don’t act as if they know the same thing. The truth is most men don’t know what it is that women want. We think we do and we’ll never fully tell you that we don’t, but in most cases we don’t know and that’s why you find yourself becoming repetitive and frustrated from his ignorance and/or stupidity. Most men have no clue, and that is unfortunate. Some men will grasp the knowledge of your needs, wants, and desires once you relay them to him. Those men that don’t take heed to this information will not be the best men to be involved with. Trust me.

9. Men Mean It When They Say “I Don’t Care”- Some men have a tendency of responding with a direct “I don’t care” when you ask them something that they genuinely have no concern about. This is not always bad but it’s not always good. If you were to say to your man “I’m leaving you” or “I’m unhappy in this relationship” and after he gets tired of your “nagging” him about it he gives you a firm “I don’t care! Leave then!” the truth is he really doesn’t care rather you stay or go, and that’s sad to me. You can feel when a man cares about you and how you feel about him, and you can tell when he doesn’t. Most women in unhappy relationships know that that man doesn’t care about them simply because he says it in more ways than verbal (i.e. lack of action, lack of responsibility, divided attention, lack of compassion, and lack of time). Now the real question is does your man care about you?

10. Men Love HARD- When a real man genuinely loves someone or something, he loves hard. Real men, that is, have no problem expressing their love for you. Real men love deep, from their soul, and they express it to you in awesome and unimaginable ways. If your man doesn’t love you hard, and I don’t mean anything sexually, then his “love” for you should be in question. That man’s love will be pure, honest, without pain and without suffering. It will be unconditional and centered solely upon you.

Lonnie J. Hamilton of The Core Being Consulting Group

Monday, January 12, 2009

Dammit! You can always have a bowl of cereal!

Locals speak out on Gary bailout funds

Several residents through e-mail, have expressed their take on the financial crisis that has taken hold of the city. Most of the insight seem to stem from a lack of trust of government or what they perceive as no clarity in government--a theme repeated throughout the President-elect's campaign.

Here are some of the more colorful comments:

"If you guys downstate want to give them some of the State's money, go ahead! But don't give them any of our money! The only people that should be allowed to vote on the City being able to increase our tax rates, are those whose money it is--the taxpayers. In fact the vote on such a "bailout" should be restricted to taxpayers. If you don't get a tax bill, no vote!

They are just not ready to stop stealing quite yet. They really have no idea how to start cutting their budget. They just have no idea how to operate in that mode. It is as far opposite from the way they've been taught to think as possible. They are obviously unwilling to begin cutting their budgets. Gary's budget has been loaded with excess for decades. As long as nearly every person employed by the City has been there. These cuts need to be forced upon them or they will just never happen, at least not in any meaningful way, and not in the proper order.

So BEFORE the State decides to give these clowns any more of OUR money, it is incumbent upon the State to do a full audit. Not afterwards. Otherwise, it would seem to me that they may be putting themselves at risk of being complicit in the massive fraud that will surely be uncovered before much longer. The fraud which has been perpetrated on Gary taxpayers for years, through misappropriation, misapplication, misuse, and incompetent and neglectful management (mismanagement) of the taxpayer's money.

If the State, through the DUAB is unwilling to get fully involved to adequately protect the Gary taxpayers, that's fine. Just don't then become partially involved by allowing the City to get there dirty little hands on one cent more of our money.

The DUAB cannot take the easy road here. They are in the perfect position to solve the "Gary problem" once and for all. It would be a terrible shame if they did not take full advantage of this unique opportunity. And it would be a travesty if the Gary taxpayers were deprived of the benefits they would realize if this opportunity were properly acted upon. Salvation for our city can be at hand, as long as the State doesn't opt to take the easy route. They cannot become a party to the City of Gary skirting the law which was established to protect taxpayers from the very abuses which Gary taxpayers have been and will continue to be victims of. So before they enter into any arrangement by which they could be perceived to be complicit or culpable in the perpetuation of the massive fraud that; has existed, exists today, and will continue to exist in Gary, this "crime of the century in the City of the Century", they need to ensure that they have done their due diligence. Doing an audit after they've enabled the City to take more of our money is not good enough. They need to do the full examination first. This exam will likely determine that the patient is terminally ill, and should therefore not continue to receive any extraordinary measures of life support--financial life support in the City's case.

Any audit must be far more intensive than simply some CPAs going over paperwork in an office down in Indy. The audit needs to also be inclusive of employee performance and department performance--most likely nonperformance in Gary's case. In simple terms, we need to know exactly what we've been getting and what we're not getting for all of the billions that go through the individuals' hands that control the City's purse strings. There are many ways which our tax dollars can be taken from us without us receiving the actual benefit for which they were designated. They can be stolen through frauds. They can simply be burned up by a bloated, nonproductive system. There are any number of ways which these funds are diverted before they reach their intended use. An incredibly small portion of the overall money that makes its way through the city provides any real benefit to the taxpayers and citizens.

Simply put, we are not getting near our money's worth. It is the job--the responsibility--of the State's Distressed Unit Appeals Board to see that we do. Please do this job for us fully, properly, intensively, and extensively.

I am a little discouraged to read today that after a DLGF audit, that they only found some questionable expenses that amount to a little over $30,000.00. I am not a CPA, but I am sure that if I were left alone with the City's books, I could find evidence of misappropriations of millions with very little effort in very little time.

I think that what the State really needs to do is something our friends at the IRS call an "Economic Reality Audit"--except in reverse! First let me explain briefly what an Economic Reality Audit (ERA) is; when individuals that report low levels of income, yet live well beyond their means, are suspected under reporting their income, sometimes the IRS sees fit to conduct an ERA. For example; if someone has Ferraris, Cigarette boats, a million-dollar house, and travels constantly, yet only reports $30,000.00 per year, they would probably be a good candidate for an ERA. The IRS might ask, "How did you get all of these goodies if you aren't making any money?"

But in the case of the City of Gary, where we know for a fact that they have been receiving enormous levels of income, we need for the State to conduct this "Reverse Economic Reality Audit". They need to come and do a physical audit of the condition of the city. They need to determine why the taxpayers' funds which all have very specific earmarks, have apparently been diverted. In short, why has our city fallen apart? Why has it been let go to the point of collapse? Why should we continue to have to live like this? Why do the citizens and taxpayers suffer while the ones in charge of providing these deserved services to us continue to live high on the hog? The DUAB should ask, "Why doesn't the city have any "goodies" when they have been receiving more than enough money to purchase them?" Why don't they have anything!

We want answers! We demand answers! And until we get them, don't even consider giving them more of our money!"

"I certainly appreciate Beach464's seemingly astute insights into Gary's current plight. He/she seems to have carefully read the Post-Tribune in recent days, for example the article on January 9 about the recent state audit, which, however, found little to quibble about. But what about the bulk the piece, which begins: "A new report questions whether the city of Gary can continue to exist if a state appeals board chooses not to raise local tax caps and increase city revenues." That is, whether the loss will be $36 million or "only" $24 million, the auditors have "substantial doubt about the city's ability to continue as a going concern." This is NOT a report from the current city administration, but comes from the State Board of Accounts, no apologists for Mayor Clay. So, what is to be done? Simply, more money MUST be found, either from property taxes, a county income tax, U.S. Steel, Barden casinos, or ??? But I don't see any suggestions from Beach46403 (or any of the other critics of the current administration) to deal with this looming disaster, except to further cut the city's budget. Where should city spending further be cut? And I don't mean the small stuff that seems to generate so much criticism, but millions and millions of dollars in reduced services, $24-$36 million to be exact! Why would any businesses stay in Gary if the city is doomed to disintegration? I hope the MCC, Beach46403, etc. have some of the answers, but so far they have not been forthcoming, except the Karl Rove, Grover Norquist mantra of cut, cut, cut.
Who decides to provide bailout money to the Gary community? Would the House Financial Institution Committee make this decision? Are we depending upon Governor Daniels? I would like to forward this email to each official responsible for the decisions made pertaining to the bailout.
If you guys downstate want to give them some of the State's money, go ahead! But don't give them any of our money! The only people that should be allowed to vote on the City being able to increase our tax rates, are those whose money it is--the taxpayers. In fact the vote on such a "bailout" should be restricted to taxpayers. If you don't get a tax bill, no vote!"

And, the Post-Tribune reports that the mayor has bought a new Hummer and charged it to the city. He said it was the lowest cost SUV and would save the city money.
Talk about bad timing.

I guess I shouldn't complain about not having enough money for food. Time for the weight loss to begin! I would not want the mayor's job because he is between a rock and a hard place.
He is joining the club!