Get Thee Behind Me

I imagine Satan being very angry, roaming to and fro like he is known to do, telling Our Father Himself how he should not bless his daughter and that I do not deserve the loving mercy and Grace of Christ and bringing up my past and all of my flaws. Satan is bragging to God about how I and Satan when to the club, cussed someone out, made the children cry, disappointed my parents and of course, God.
How would you feel if someone who you knew hated you and your children, was standing in your face telling you not to bless your children, that you should not love your children or do good things for them? I can only hope God reminded Satan of who he was in the Kingdom of Heaven and who he is now.
 He was made by God to be the most beautiful cherubim angel, to guard the Mercy Seat where the Spirit of the Lamb dwells. Lucifer put his unholy desires before those of God and blasphemed the name of our Lord. Lucifer left his First Estate because he wanted to have sex with the beautiful daughters of men and do whatever he wanted to do, instead of serving the one and only God. Lucifer took 33 percent of the angels with him as Michael the Archangel kicked Lucifer and them out of heaven on God’s command. Jesus Himself says he saw with his own eye; Lucifer fall from heaven like lightning.
And now he is called Satan, a scourge to all the Earth, man, and all that God created.
Remember, it was Jesus who was present with God during Creation. It was Jesus who became sin for us and died on the cross, reaped souls from the grave, escorted them to heaven and then reappeared to the disciples for 40 days, saving us. Jesus holds the keys to Hell and Death. Jesus is our Saviour and no one can snatch us from his hand that the Father has given to him. Jesus says all we have to do is resist Satan and he shall flee. He is under our feet and roams to and fro looking for someone to destroy or to steal (your joy, money, faith) or to outright kill.
So, Satan had his chance with God and he threw it away for a piece of tail. Michael the Archangel says the Lord already rebuked Satan. Jesus told Satan, “get thee behind me.”
 We are still loved by God, in spite of our error and sin and he asks us to leave our sins (Satan) and return to Him. Where sin abounds, grace so much more is. Remind yourself of who you are, who the Enemy is and who Jesus is. Do not believe a lie, do not be delusional. Instead, pull out your Bible or Bible app to look up what I say and then add to it, whatever else God says. But do not believe Satan. He lies.

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