Monday, October 01, 2018


Following August endorsement of 81 candidates, President Obama backs another 260 Democrats

WASHINGTON – Today, President Barack Obama issued a second round of midterm endorsements, lending his name in support of 260 Democratic candidates for governor, U.S. Senate and U.S. House, and state legislature.

“The Democratic Party has always made the biggest difference in the lives of the American people when we lead with conviction, principle, and bold, new ideas. Our incredible array of candidates up and down the ticket, all across the country, make up a movement of citizens who are younger, more diverse, more female than ever before,” said President Obama. “They’re Americans who aren’t just running against something, but for something. They’re running to expand opportunity and restore the honor and compassion that should be the essence of public service. I’m proud to endorse so many of them today, and I’m eager to continue making the case for why they deserve our votes this November.”

In this round of endorsements, President Obama focused on close races in which his support would make a meaningful difference; state legislative and/or statewide races that are redistricting priorities; Obama campaign and administration alumni who have been inspired to run for office; and building a pipeline of diverse talent and elevating the next generation of leaders within the Democratic party.

President Obama is committed to using his unique standing to support Democrats up and down the ballot in 2018. Today’s endorsements build on an initial round of 81 midterm endorsements that he issued in August and several campaign appearances over the last month. President Obama has campaigned for candidates in California, Illinois, Ohio and Pennsylvania so far and has held fundraisers this year for campaign committees, the National Democratic Redistricting Committee, and individual candidates.

Andi Story (State House, District 34)
John Lincoln (State House, District 40)

David Garcia (Governor)
Kyrsten Sinema (U.S. Senate)
January Contreras (Attorney General)

Dave Young (Treasurer)
Joe Neguse (U.S. House, CO-02)
Jason Crow (U.S. House, CO-06)
Jeff Bridges (State House, District 03)
Tony Exum (State House, District 17)
Marc Snyder (State House, District 18)
Lisa Cutter (State House, District 25)
Yadira Caraveo (State House, District 31)
Matt Gray (State House, District 33)
Kyle Mullica (State House, District 34)
Tom Sullivan (State House, District 37)
Barbara McLachlan (State House, District 59)

Ned Lamont (Governor)
Susan Bysiewicz (Lt. Governor)
Jahana Hayes (U.S. House, CT-05)
Christine Cohen (State Senate, District 12)
Mary Abrams (State Senate, District 13)
James Maroney (State Senate, District 14)
Jorge Cabrera (State Senate, District 17)
Martha Marx (State Senate, District 20)
Julie Kushner (State Senate, District 24)
Will Haskell (State Senate, District 26)
Jason Doucette (State House, District 13)
Christine Palm (State House, District 36)
Maria Horn (State House, District 64)
John-Michael Parker (State House, District 101)
Kara Rochelle (State House, District 104)
Matt Blumenthal (State House, District 147)

Andrew Gillum (Governor)
Chris King (Lt. Governor)
Bill Nelson (U.S. Senate)
Nancy Soderberg (U.S. House, FL-06)
Stephanie Murphy (U.S. House, FL-07)
Chris Hunter (U.S. House, FL-12)
Lauren Baer (U.S. House, FL-18)
Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (U.S. House, FL-26)
Kayser Enneking (State Senate, District 08)
Janet Cruz (State Senate, District 18)
Bob Doyel (State Senate, District 22)
Lindsay Cross (State Senate, District 24)
David Perez (State Senate, District 36)
Annette Taddeo (State Senate, District 40)
Anna Eskamani (State House, District 47)
Fentrice Driskell (State House, District 63)
Margaret Good (State House, District 72)
Emma Collum (State House, District 93)
Nick Duran (State House, District 112)
Javier Fernández (State House, District 114)

Lucy McBath (U.S. House, GA-06)
Carolyn Bourdeaux (U.S. House, GA-07)
Sally Harrell (State Senate, District 40)
Zahra Karinshak (State Senate, District 48)
Donna McLeod (State House, District 105)

Betsy Dirksen Londrigan (U.S. House, IL-13)

Fred Hubbell (Governor)
Rita Hart (Lt. Governor)
Abby Finkenauer (U.S. House, IA-01)
Cindy Axne (U.S. House, IA-03)
Jackie Smith (State Senate, District 07)
Vicky Brenner (State Senate, District 13)
Amber Gustafson (State Senate, District 19)
Mary Stewart (State Senate, District 41)
Heather Matson (State House, District 38)

Sharice Davids (U.S. House, KS-03)

Jared Golden (U.S. House, ME-02)
Karen Kusiak (State Senate, District 16)
Tom Wright (State Senate, District 34)
Tiffany Roberts-Lovell (State House, District 06)
Diane Denk (State House, District 09)
Kelcy McNamara (State House, District 21)
Chris Caiazzo (State House, District 28)
Steve Ball (State House, District 80)
Jennifer Day (State House, District 86)
Chloe Maxmin (State House, District 88)
Holly Stover (State House, District 89)
Vicki Doudera (State House, District 94)

Ben Jealous (Governor)
Susie Turnbull (Lt. Governor)
Courtney Watson (State House, District 09B)
Mike Busch (State House, District 30A)

Jay Gonzalez (Governor)
Quentin Palfrey (Lt. Governor)
Ayanna Pressley (U.S. House, MA-07)
Julian Cyr (State Senate, Cape and Islands District)
Katie McBrine (State Senate, Plymouth and Norfolk District)
Tram Nguyen (State House, 18th Essex District)

Gretchen Whitmer (Governor)
Garlin Gilchrist II (Lt. Governor)
Elissa Slotkin (U.S. House, MI-08)
Haley Stevens (U.S. House, MI-11)
Dayna Polehanki (State Senate, District 07)
Rosemary Bayer (State Senate, District 12)
Mallory McMorrow (State Senate, District 13)
Julia Pulver (State Senate, District 15)
Sean McCann (State Senate, District 20)
Winnie Brinks (State Senate, District 29)
Poppy Sias-Hernandez (State Senate, District 34)
Matt Koleszar (State House, District 20)
Kelly Breen (State House, District 38)
Mari Manoogian (State House, District 40)
Padma Kuppa (State House, District 41)
Alberta Griffin (State House, District 61)
Jim Haadsma (State House, District 62)
Kara Hope (State House, District 67)
Angela Witwer (State House, District 71)
Rachel Hood (State House, District 76)
Tanya Cabala (State House, District 91)

Tim Walz (Governor)
Peggy Flanagan (Lt. Governor)
Tina Smith (U.S. Senate)
Dan Feehan (U.S. House, MN-01)
Angie Craig (U.S. House, MN-02)
Dean Phillips (U.S. House, MN-03)
Joe Radinovich (U.S. House, MN-08)
Zack Stephenson (State House, District 36A)
Amir Malik (State House, District 37B)
Shelly Christensen (State House, District 39B)
Kelly Moller (State House, District 42A)
Ginny Klevorn (State House, District 44A)
Heather Edelson (State House, District 49A)
Ruth Richardson (State House, District 52B)
Anne Claflin (State House, District 54A)
Alice Mann (State House, District 56B)
John Huot (State House, District 57B)

Kara Eastman (U.S. House, NE-02)

Kate Marshall (Lt. Governor)
Aaron Ford (Attorney General)
Nelson Araujo (Secretary of State)
Clint Koble (U.S. House, NV-02)
Melanie Scheible (State Senate, District 09)
Brittney Miller (State Assembly, District 05)
Jason Frierson (State Assembly, District 08)
Steve Yeager (State Assembly, District 09)
Ozzie Fumo (State Assembly, District 21)
Lesley Cohen (State Assembly, District 29)
Michelle Gorelow (State Assembly, District 35)
Sandra Jauregui (State Assembly, District 41)

New Hampshire
Molly Kelly (Governor)
Chris Pappas (U.S. House, NH-01)
Annie Kuster (U.S. House, NH-02)
Bill Bolton (State Senate, District 02)
Mason Donovan (State Senate, District 07)
Jenn Alford-Teaster (State Senate, District 08)
Jeanne Dietsch (State Senate, District 09)
Shannon Chandley (State Senate, District 11)
Melanie Levesque (State Senate, District 12)
Kevin Cavanaugh (State Senate, District 16)
Jon Morgan (State Senate, District 23)
Tom Sherman (State Senate, District 24)
Harrison Kanzler (State House, District Carroll 2)
Edie DesMarais (State House, District Carroll 6)
Cathleen Fountain (State House, District Coos 7)
Susan Ford (State House, District Grafton 3)
Erika Connors (State House, District Hillsborough 15)
Joshua Query (State House, District Hillsborough 16)
Willis Griffith (State House, District Hillsborough 18)
Joelle Martin (State House, District Hillsborough 23)
Dan Toomey (State House, District Hillsborough 32)
Mark Vallone (State House, District Rockingham 9)
Gerri Cannon (State House, District Strafford 18)
Wendy Chase (State House, District Strafford 18)
John Streeter (State House, District Sullivan 8)

New Mexico
Michelle Lujan Grisham (Governor)
Howie Morales (Lt. Governor)
Day Hochman-Vigil (State House, District 15)
Abbas Akhil (State House, District 20)
Melanie Stansbury (State House, District 28)
Karen Bash (State House, District 68)

New York
Max Rose (U.S. House, NY-11)
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (U.S. House, NY-14)
Dana Balter (U.S. House, NY-24)
Louis D’Amaro (State Senate, District 04)
Jim Gaughran (State Senate, District 05)
John Brooks (State Senate, District 08)
James Skoufis (State Senate, District 39)
Karen Smythe (State Senate, District 41)
Jen Metzger (State Senate, District 42)
John Mannion (State Senate, District 50)
Rachel May (State Senate, District 53)

North Carolina
Linda Coleman (U.S. House, NC-02)
John Campbell (State Senate, District 13)
Natasha Marcus (State Senate, District 41)
Brandon Lofton (State House, District 104)

Rob Richardson (Treasurer)
Betsy Rader (U.S. House, OH-14)
Susan Moran Palmer (U.S. House, OH-16)
Paul Bradley (State Senate, District 05)
Sharon Sweda (State Senate, District 13)
Louise Valentine (State Senate, District 19)
Lauren Friedman (State Senate, District 29)
Jessica Miranda (State House, District 28)
Timothy Piatt (State House, District 36)
Kelly Kraus Mencke (State House, District 55)
Rachel Crooks (State House, District 88)

Kate Brown (Governor)

Scott Wallace (U.S. House, PA-01)
Mary Gay Scanlon (U.S. House, PA-05)
Chrissy Houlahan (U.S. House, PA-06)
Matt Cartwright (U.S. House, PA-08)
Steve Santarsiero (State Senate, District 10)
Maria Collett (State Senate, District 12)
Tim Kearney (State Senate, District 26)
Lindsey Williams (State Senate, District 38)
Katie Muth (State Senate, District 44)
Andrew Dixon (State House, District 29)
Dan Williams (State House, District 74)
Joseph Ciresi (State House, District 146)
Joseph Webster (State House, District 150)
Sara Johnson Rothman (State House, District 151)
Daryl Boling (State House, District 152)
Danielle Friel Otten (State House, District 155)
Melissa Shusterman (State House, District 157)
Christina Sappey (State House, District 158)
Anton Andrew (State House, District 160)
Dave Delloso (State House, District 162)
Mike Zabel (State House, District 163)
Jennifer O’Mara (State House, District 165)
Kristine Howard (State House, District 167)
Kristin Seale (State House, District 168)
Michael Doyle (State House, District 170)
Claudette Williams (State House, District 176)
Joseph Hohenstein (State House, District 177)

Rhode Island
Gina Raimondo (Governor)

Lizzie Fletcher (U.S. House, TX-07)
Veronica Escobar (U.S. House, TX-16)
Gina Ortiz Jones (U.S. House, TX-23)
Sylvia Garcia (U.S. House, TX-29)
Eric Johnson (State House, District 100)
Ana-Maria Ramos (State House, District 102)
Terry Meza (State House, District 105)
Rhetta Bowers (State House, District 113)
Julie Johnson (State House, District 115)

Christine Hallquist (Governor)

Elaine Luria (U.S. House, VA-02)
Abigail Spanberger (U.S. House, VA-07)
Jennifer Wexton (U.S. House, VA-10)

Carolyn Long (U.S. House, WA-03)
Lisa Brown (U.S. House, WA-05)
Kim Schrier (U.S. House, WA-08)

Tony Evers (Governor)
Mandela Barnes (Lt. Governor)
Tammy Baldwin (U.S. Senate)
Randy Bryce (U.S. House, WI-01)
Caleb Frostman (State Senate, District 01)
Julie Henszey (State Senate, District 05)
Kyle Whelton (State Senate, District 09)
Kriss Marion (State Senate, District 17)
Lee Snodgrass (State Senate, District 19)
Chris Kapsner (State Senate, District 23)
Jeff Smith (State Senate, District 31)
Robyn Vining (State Assembly, District 14)
Mike Mooney (State Assembly, District 49)
Jeff Wright (State Assembly, District 51)
Alyson Leahy (State Assembly, District 85)
Tom Sieber (State Assembly, District 88)