Saturday, December 15, 2012

Dear God We Need Your Help

Dear God:

We need help.

I cannot believe that we as a nation of rational, thinking belivers still think that any type of gun control or regulation will turn the tide of violence that has engulfed our nation. I cannot believe we do not believe in you. I cannot believe that we will not pray together.

The Devil is kicking our asses. Satan is beating us like a pimp beats a hooker.  Lucifer, the father of all lies, is tricking us into killing ourselves and we still won’t turn to God and pray. Instead we dry our tears pull ourselves up by our bootstraps and walk right back into Satan’s hateful arms, ready for another beating.

I don’t get it.

Plenty of people here in America and on this earth have some rememberence of their religious upbringing and understand what SPIRITUAL WAREFARE IS ABOUT.  Those people need to step up and start talking about what they know--outside of church. In short, we all need to actually do what the Pastors and the Reverends and the Fathers have been telling us to do each Sunday. We have to do what Jesus said to do 2000 years ago. We must obey God, as our knees are bent and our tongues are confessing on every airwave, "God help us".

A cry to God is what I hear, in essence, coming from every news reader. It is what every reporter is reporting.

There are plenty of people who work in the mental health arena and understand what is broken with our system and what works. We need to start a conversation with those people and listen to what they say and then do what they say.

We cannot be a nation of rational beings and continue on this way. We are our brother's keeper, our sister's keeper whether we want to be or not. If we are not then we are neglectful in our duties. How can we count ourselves amongst the civilized groups of people we yearn to belong to and be socially accepted by but literally be civically neglectful? It won't work. It defies logic.

When we pray, en masse, God hears us. He said if the people who are called by my name would turn from their sin and pray, He will hear us and help us God will heal us if we ask, in other words.

We are a world of children - spiritual children - and it is due time we grew up. It is not just the politician who needs to do something. We the people need to do something as well. If we allow 20 angels to be murdered and do nothing, God help us all as we are spiritually dead. The spiritually dead are zombies.

Our belief in God has nothing to do with His existence. Our refusal to obey God has nothing to do with the strength of His Law or Rule. Like an impudent child, we will be chastised as an unchastised child is unloved. We are loved but hardheaded. We refuse to listen, to act in accordance to His Word or to wake up. We buy pins and buttons, we protest and march but we won't pray, seemingly.

The children are dead. They are the latest in a long, long list of martyrs who still cry out to God, “how long?”

Report what you see and hear. Help a family struggling with a mentally ill relative. Politicians need to on Monday, begin to unravel the red tape mess that is our mental health system. Disabled people and their families need and deserve our full attention.

Understand that a gun is not the problem. Guns would go unused and litter the streets like plastic grocery bags if no one used them. Even if every person in America each owned three guns, if they went unused, unloaded they would be meaningless.

 People are the problem. People who buy and use guns for violence are the problem. Let us be our own keepers of self and help ourselves by attending to the people who buy and use guns for violence. Be damned the economy of the gun industry. Let's save some lives.