Thursday, November 15, 2007

Coupons save money

Have you ever gotten up one day and just wanted to buy something you've always wanted? I have. I remember one time I wanted to purchase a printer for my computer but I got hung up on whether or not to get just a printer or a printer/fax/copier/scanner. I've always wanted one of those and my fax machine is a little old. Hard to find supplies for it now. The biggest stumbling block was that I wanted a good deal on it but nothing was on sale--I mean really on sale. My friend is always bragging about how she bought stuff on sale and had a Coupon to go with it. I never seemed to have that luck until I went to NCNatural's Adventure Resources
Your Guide to North Carolina Nature, Entertainment & Culture.
There I found a Joann Fabrics site where I could finaly get a coupon and shop for fabric to make that ankle-length dress I've been wanting and a Kohl's site where I can save money with coupons this holiday shopping season.
I'm still going to get a coupon for my printer combo but there are sites there that may carry my old fax machine's brand--and I get to use a coupon for it.

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