Saturday, November 03, 2007

Why Not Chat?

Ever get bored or lonely or bored?
Once, I visited a chat room and guess what happened? I had some fun!
Lots of people don't want to be known as a person who visits a chat room but it's okay to do there isn't anything wrong with holding a conversation with someone.
We talk to people we don't necessarily know personally through the day and a chat room isn't much different.
Imagine yourself at a really nice party. Everyone is mingling and introducing themselves, your favorite music is playing in the background and suddenly, this really interesting person enters into the room. You can't decide whether to introduce yourself or not. Suddenly, the person says hello to you. You say hello back. You say, how was your day? The interesting new person says, well I've had better days or the person says that the day that they had was glorious and you have just made it that much better. Before you know it, you've talked all night but yet you haven't left your home.
That’s how it is—pretty much--when you go to a chat room. You go when you want and you leave when you want.

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