Thursday, November 15, 2007

Local police conducting stings of alleged online prostitution

Police say they are conducting stings on alleged online prostitutes offering "exotic services" on Craigslist.
An unidentified source within a south suburban police station in Illinois, said investigators arrange for a meeting with the suspects at local hotels and when certain information is exchanged, police make an arrest.
Police say that offering "exotic services" on the Internet is dangerous and illegal.
An officer familiar with the case said in one instance, a female suspect took what she considered to be vital information such as a social security number and work information--which included addresses and phone numbers--and then arranged for a trade of sex for money.
He said taking that information would not have stopped the suspect from being murdered, however she was arrested.
He also said many of the "exotic services" are being offered for $400 or more. He said he was told that "extras" would add cost to the selected service.
An officer connected to this case asked not to be identified by name in this story.

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