Monday, November 19, 2007

Thanksgiving menu

I finally pulled the bird from the freezer. I'm letting it thaw in the refridge. I hope three days is enough. I splurged and got a Butterball because I cannot stand dry white meat on my turkey. The dark meat is oily enough to never be dry.

This year I will stuff my turkey with bell pepper, onion and mushroom. I will also have cornbread dressing and steamed veggies. My children won't eat homemade macaroni and cheese or tetrizinie or the homemade lazana that well.

However, I heard on TV that the first Thanksgiving had Lobster and scallops and other delectible seafood choices on the menu.
Is that where oyster dressing comes from?

Anyway we are sticking with a traditional midwestern Thanksgiving.
I will not be baking sweets--my mom is the best at that and why waste good flour, sugar, milk, eggs and butter!

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Anonymous said...

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