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Evening Hanukkah Reception

My Brother's Keeper National Summit

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President Obama Hosts an Afternoon Hanukkah Reception

A Message From the President to America's Federal Workforce

Signing Ceremony for the 21st Century Cures Act

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President Obama on Jimmy Fallon June 9th 2016

President Obama: I'm with Her

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President Obama at University of Chicago Law School Thursday April 7, 2016 photo credits Leslie Jones McCloud

(The Most Photogenic President Ever!) Makes His Case for nominee Chief Judge Garland to get a fair hearing, vote

Making the case for why Chief Judge Garland and the American people deserve for the Senate to fulfill their own constitutional responsibility to give his nominee a fair hearing and an up or down vote, Pres. Obama spoke and fielded audience questions for more than an hour before a crowd of law students and guests, Thursday afternoon inside the Harold J. Green Law Lounge at University of Chicago Law School, Chicago, Illinois. Photo credit: Leslie Jones McCloud

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President Obama Delivers Remarks on the 7-Year Anniversary of the Recove...

The President Speaks on the Progress in Our Efforts to Degrade and Destr...

President Obama Delivers Remarks at Final "In Performance" Tribute

The President Signs the Judicial Redress Act

The President signs the Trade Facilitation and Trade Enforcement Act of ...

President Obama Delivers Remarks on Closing of Guantanamo Bay

"What's the secret to still dancing at 106?"

President Obama Addresses the National Governors Association

President Obama Speaks at National Governors Association Dinner

President Obama Speaks at National Governors Association Meeting

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama Host Black History Month R...

Remarks by the President After Meeting with African American Faith and C...

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Statement by the President on the Signing of the Trans-Pacific Partnership

 Today, after more than five years of negotiations, a group of 12 countries signed the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a new type of trade deal that puts American workers first. The TPP is a forward-looking trade deal that sets new, high standards for trade and investment in one of the world’s fastest growing and most important regions.

Right now, the rules of global trade too often undermine our values and put our workers and businesses at a disadvantage. TPP will change that. It eliminates more than 18,000 taxes that various countries put on Made in America products. It promotes a free and open Internet and prevents unfair laws that restrict the free flow of data and information. It includes the strongest labor standards and environmental commitments in history – and, unlike in past agreements, these standards are fully enforceable.

 TPP allows America – and not countries like China – to write the rules of the road in the 21st century, which is especially important in a region as dynamic as the Asia-Pacific.

Put simply, TPP will bolster our leadership abroad and support good jobs here at home.

That’s why I released the full text of the agreement three months ago for all to see, and it’s why I’ll continue working with Democrats and Republicans in Congress to enact it into law as soon as possible so our economy can immediately start benefiting from the tens of billions of dollars in new export opportunities.

We should get TPP done this year and give more American workers the shot at success they deserve and help more American businesses compete and win around the world.

The President Speaks at the Islamic Society of Baltimore

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