Thursday, December 14, 2006

It's the Christmas season

Okay, its the Christmas season--or whatever holiday you need to

celebrate in the Wintertime--and all I ask is that you don't freak

out and get way too angry or too sad or go off the deep end in any

way, PLEASE.
It's just Christmas--or whatever holiday you want to celebrate--so

don't trip. It's like this every year so spend reasonable amounts

of money. Try not to go into debt. I'm planning on taking my own

advice (ya know, physician heal thy self) and I am making a budget

and I am sticking to it.
This season brings out so many feelings and emotions in everyone.

Sometimes they are difficult to handle. Some of us have had

wonderful Christmases filled with toys and joy and food and love

and everything. Some of us have had Christmases filled with

fighting, empty boxes and balled up wrapping paper from gifts that

were not even on our lists.
Let us adults provide a perfect Christmas Day for the children in

our lives. They deserve it. They have to put up with so much more

ick in this world. It has changed since we were kids. They have the

world and the war to deal with and everything.
All we had to do is live.
So please celebrate Christmas and the all important New Year with

glee but with not so much trepidation (\trep-uh-DAY-shuhn\, noun:

1. [Archaic] An involuntary trembling; quaking; quivering. 2. A

state of dread or alarm; nervous agitation; apprehension; fright).
Let us all put on our happy faces for our holiday and then fall out

in some kind of stupor in March or something--if it's all over by

then. (Notice I included Valentine's Day in all of this. It's a

long stretch after that. The first warm spring breeze is all we

have to look forward to after the holidays.)
Talk to ya quick,
Ms. McCloud
P.S. A napster gift card never hurt anyone (hint)