Thursday, December 29, 2005

A Blog of Usefulness: CD Review

Merry Christmas. My kids are at their Dad's house visiting with him and Grammy and Stepma and the rest of the family so I got a bit of free time.
I want to see Jamie Foxx (nee mr bishop), sing live on the circuit of small clubs and then record or produce the best live tour of small venues.
I bought his CD "Unpredictable"--which is also a DVD--for myself for Christmas.
He has a smooth-as-silk voice that is out of this world. I just love the way he talks to his audience. I already liked him as a sitcom and film actor but damn--the man is cut! I feel like a little girl reading "Right On!" all over again (Remember Prince's poster in the 1999 album?)
No longer do I long for Jodeci or The Ton-i-e-y's because now I have Jamie/Eric and damn, is it good. He is sooo good.
His body is bangin (watch out 50) and his voice is sooo smooth.
He is my rhythm & Blues singer for the new millennium.
And we always knew he could sing but dang it--it wasn't until this CD that we got to hear at least some of his range and breadth. We all waited for this one!
As my Christmas dinner cooks (it smells heavenly) I sit and watch the DVD and listen to the harmonies that are The Foxx.
"Love Changes," is the classic remix that should hit the airwaves next. Who can beat Mary and Jamie's voices together?? He should also check out a duet with Sylena Johnson. Any cut they made together would be tight. They could release it as a street single.
But I want to hear all of Jamie without outside influences. I want him to put all of his original songs and arrangements on tracks. I want HIM in the RAW.
Just him. I know he can do it but there is something or someone holding him back.
"Unpredictable"--do something you've never done before.
What else can be said?
I thought he and Ye (Kanye West) sat down and collaborated on that song and added Luda. It wasn't until I heard him unplugged on the DVD side of the CD that I understood his genius.
"Warm Bed" is another one that I like--except the brief intro (might keep it off of the radio with the name chanting and all) but it makes good driving/bouncing music. He speaks to a time where I thought I was the center of the universe. It takes me back and I love it. I love the beats.
It is nice to listen to and you can do a little dance to it.
He even have a sorta-steppin' cut on there with "VIP"-- a little Cha Cha and all-- and you know that steppin' is important to the Chicago area listeners.
"'Cause everybody in my party is VIP. Won't you come and step with me?"
Everybody in my party is VIP-- ain't he the nicest man you've listened to lately?
I'm steppin' to "VIP" right now!
(i've been drinkin' apple vodka mixed with the twisted apple so 'scuse me. By the way alcohol and a hot ass oven don't mix!)
I'm taking this up to the Cave and the Three Gs. I gotta get my step on!
My man/bf/ xbf just walked in the door. I called frantic this morning because I forgot to layer the lasagna and couldn't tell if the ham was done. We stepped to "VIP" right quick when he walked through the door. Remember the apple vodka?
Note: The CD/DVD is a great idea but sometimes it doesn't like to play on first try unless you keep it in the same machine, ie dvd player or cd player. I moved mine around with me and it became temperamental.

Monday, December 05, 2005

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Friday, December 02, 2005

Stop Screwin' with My Computer!!!

This message is to the computer wiz who screwed with my internet settings and changed my ip address. It took me and hour to redirect your fu** up mister. If you aren't sure the changes are okay across the board, why would you ass with my existing structure that works EVERYWHERE but where you are?