Thursday, January 28, 2010

"We Don't Quit"–State of the Union Address Highlights Increased American Exports, Jobs

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"We don't quit. I don't quit. We are Americans. We are resilient."
Not only was President Barack Obama's January 12 State of the
Union Address peppered with good, usable sound bites, it held simplified
concepts anyone listening could grasp.

Contrasting some of his speeches that contain high-level
conceptual ideas–that the average I-didn't-take-Poli-sci citizen
may miss–the address highlighted what the president campaigned
on and reminded the base and those who voted for him, why they
put him in office in the first place.

Sticking to a Budget
Congress passed the PayGo or Pay-as-you-go law Thursday January 28, the president announced during a Tampa speech, that will help cut the deficit. Instead of living on extensions of credit, the country will now roll back to having honest accounting in place. In other words, using only cash
on hand for project funding will restore America to 1990s

The president also said he will enact reforms and new initiatives
to defend the middle class -- to create millions of new jobs,
support small businesses, and drive up wages; to invest in the
education of our children and the clean energy technology that
must power our future; and to protect the economy from reckless
Wall Street abuses.

"That is why I called for a robust jobs bill without delay. It's
why I proposed a small businesses tax credit, new investments in
infrastructure, and pushed for climate legislation to create a
clean energy economy."

"It's why we're taking on big banks, reforming Wall Street,
revitalizing our education system, increasing transparency -- and
finishing the job on health insurance reform."
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The president also said change is never easy.
"Change on the scale we seek does not come easily. But I will
never accept second place for the United States of America," he
told the American people.
He went on to say that he is not disconnected from the American
public and that he recognizes the struggles and anxieties that
plague people.

"That's why I ran for president. I read it in letters each night.
I've witness this for years. I have spent my adult life (fighting
for people.)" he said.

Students will get to pay only 10 percent of their salaries to student loan debt each month and the debt will be forgiven after 20 years. Student loan debt forgiveness occur after 10 years if the student works for the government.

President Obama explained and drew parallels between his campaign
promises, his agenda and what he is now doing.
Concentrating on offshore drilling, clean coal technology, a clean
energy economy and exporting more American goods will help create
more jobs and keep America a global leader, he said.
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Thursday, January 21, 2010

People Believe What They See on TV

If the news prognosticators, political commentators like the president, then they will say favorable things about him. Keep in mind that many of them are more likely to earn over $250,000 per year than the audience they address each day.
So goes what we are hearing on the tele about the president. Most of it is just reading from a teleprompter and all opinions have an agreed upon right-slant tone.
I don't really know where anyone gets their opinions these days but no one in Massachusetts speaks for me. They are no longer Democratic in my opinion because they put a Republican in the U.S. Senate to represent them. It is as if the majority of the people there have changed their mind about the POTUS. They are speaking for themselves, not the real Democrats, like the Kennedy family. I do not understand what they are doing or why a Kennedy does not have that Senate seat. They have given so much for the American people to have basic human rights.
If the people of Massachusetts people are upset about joblessness, then get angry with the North America Free Trade Agreement. While I understand protectionism is out of style these days, NAFTA is a boon for Big Business not so much for the People. American companies are making more money because of NAFTA but the American people are suffering.
Why can't Corporate America hire more people since, at least in theory, they are making more profit?
Why? If I own a profitable company and I don't have to hire, why would I? That is an extra yacht for me or a longer European vacation, etc. What incentive does a company have to hire American, rebuild in America, stay in America?
When will we start looking at some of the existing laws that have been passed in the last 20 years and get all Teaparty-ish about that? Or how about that the unspoken deal between the financial district and the American people that they would loan money to the average person at a higher interest rate so that they could purchase a home? It used to be that not everyone could qualify for a mortgage or a credit card. Remember those days? There would be some who gloated about how nice their wardrobe was or how beautiful their home was and how not everyone could have the things that they have. And how having those things made them better people.(Capitalism and Classicism seem to go hand-in-hand) Then all of a sudden, college students were getting credit on signature! Anyone could have it for a price--now that is Capitalism. Now things have swung back to where they were previously–high credit score determines what you can borrow from banks. We have lost many beloved, long-standing businesses. Good American businesses and good American jobs. This happened way before Barack Obama became president.
What if all of those mortgage backed securities had worked out for everyone? What if no one was late on their mortgage? WE would not be having this conversation right now and quite possibly, Barack Obama would not be our president. Anger at the Establishment swept him into office and it looks as if that same anger is chipping away at a portionof his base of supporters now that Massachusetts has found its Great White Hope.
Every morning, I hear negative chatter about how the POTUS is doing and it all sounds like a personal problem these people have with him. Most of it is hypocritical cross-talk directed from some lofty position above. An above $250,000 per year position. Keep that in mind as you listen to what comes down to sour grapes.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The President's Health Care Bill

Once the healthcare bill passes, no longer will Americans fear losing their health coverage if they want to make a move or lose their job.
Everyone will always have access to health benefits. This is a new way of thinking for all of us. Keeping a job just to have benefits will not exist. This will allow more upward mobility in our population. This is only my opinion.

Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Elite Advantage Card for Steppers

The Elite Advantage Card is here, and trust me, the picture does it no justice. The card is made with a metallic silver background, silver frosted tip VIP numbers (like those on a credit card ... you can't see this feature on the picture), and a signature strip on the back for personalization. The design features the Chicago skyline in the background, paying homage to Steppin's roots, but the network is Nationwide. ChiStepper will work daily to expand our Elite Advantage Card offerings and make the card more attractive to both national and local audiences.

The purpose of the card is to offer the Steppin' Community exclusive discounts and access to services that they'd most likely have to pay full price for. Now when you go to a Workshop, Private Steppers Lesson, Steppers Party, or even a local business, you can flash your Elite Advantage Card and receive a discount or related Special Offer. ChiStepper will also hold raffles and giveaways which will only be available to Elite Advantage Card holders.

We've launched with a solid list of participants offering a variety of discounts, including: Charnice Simmons, Dre & Company, Keith Hubbard, Sunshine Haywood, and Tyk Myn, businesses like Jackson Hewitt Tax Services, and parties like Ken Bedford's Afterwork Networking and Steppers Affair, The Majestic Gents, DeJa Vu and the Sam Chatman,, and Dre & Company Capricorn Ball. Speaking of the Capricorn Ball, the first 10 people to purchase the card GET IN FREE! ChiStepper also has verbal commitments from VIP Productions, Lady Margaret, and others who are still creating their promotions!

The Card costs $25, but that's a small price if you consider the savings, exclusive access, and prize participation activities that you'll benefit from for an entire year. That's right, the Card doesn't expire until December 31st, 2010. To purchase the card and see all of the promotions, CLICK HERE or check out the main navigation link titled "Elite Advantage Card" above, and make sure to check out the drop down menu where the various promotional categories are hosted.

If you're a promoter, instructor, or business owner in any state and you'd like to participate, email to request a brief enrollment form where you can create a promotion. It's totally free to enroll and offer a promotion. Steppers, check the lists daily to see the new additions. If there is a certain discount category and/or group that you'd like to participate, let us know and we'll go after them.
Be part of the Elite Club and don't forgot, the first 10 purchases will get FREE ADMISSION to the Sam Chatman,, and Dre & Company Capricorn Ball at the MultiMillion dollar establishment, Alhambra Palace. That's a $15 savings for a $25 card ... can you beat that? Purchase the card by CLICKING HERE.