Sunday, November 18, 2007

Found on the Jamie Foxx website...

A poster (emb1fan) on the Jamie Foxx website posted this:

LOS ANGELES (Hollywood Reporter) - Jamie Foxx getting into the reality-TV business with MTV and VH1.

The Oscar-winning actor and his business partners, Jaime Rucker King and Marcus King, are already developing a project under their two-year production deal with the sibling cable channels: "From Gs to Gents," an MTV series in which guys compete to become gentlemen.

Foxx won an Oscar for playing Ray Charles in "Ray." The role also earned him an MTV Movie Award nomination, but he lost to Leonardo DiCaprio for "The Aviator." In 2001, he hosted the channel's flagship Video Music Awards ceremony.

Reuters/Hollywood Reporter

2nd Scoop:

ACTOR/SINGER/comedian Jamie Foxx disclosed some of his plans for 2008 backstage at the Country Music Association Awards, at which he performed with country supergroup Rascal Flatts. An already-thin (but fit) Foxx announced that he'll lose 10-15 pounds to play Nathaniel Ayers, a homeless person, in "The Soloist," with Robert Downey Jr., early next year.
The movie is based on the true story of musical prodigy Ayers, who developed schizophrenia in his second year at Juilliard and ended up playing violin and cello on the streets of downtown Los Angeles. Foxx is also working on an album, which includes a return of favor by Rascal Flatts.

He'll also do some stand-up comedy soon, "going back to what I know and like to do," he said, while he was plugging his Foxxhole Radio channel on Sirius Satellite Radio.

I'm adding this because I love this song! (I couldn't find the clean version)

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