Thursday, November 22, 2007

Curb Your Enthusiasm GDMFB!

Meg McCarville is amazing

This is all I could find of her but I laughed for a long time

after reading her work. Such talent--though I wonder how much

of her life/act is a bit. I found her name after Googling "a**

f*****g disgusting" because I was searching for video of a man

getting gored by a bull in his a-r-e-a.

I was on the phone talking and my friend kept telling me not to

search for it because it was nasty but I found the gore video.

Niciey told me don't keep playing the video because it was

annoying her. After finding several porn sites, I found McCarville's


Read her stuff

Entertaiment in a past life offered at Z Film Festival in Chicago, IL
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