Thursday, November 29, 2007

Count Your Steps when Stepping

The difference between someone who actually knows how to perform Chicago style stepping and a person who is only shuffling his or her feet is noticable and great.
I learned the basic 5-6-1 count and it works perfectly to any stepping music fast or slow.
Steppin' Dance Videos and DVDs
"Steppin' is not just a dance, it's the music, the moves, the clothes, the mood. Chicago Style Steppin' is composed of 10% technique and 90% style," writes the creator of Chicago Style Stepping Instructional video.
Now, this is not a sponsored post. This is a public service announcement. People who dance with folks who can't dance but always on the dancefloor are thanking me right now. Those of you who have danced with me at the 3 G's are laughing and thinking, 'wow does she have a lot of nerve!'

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