Thursday, November 29, 2007

Tight and cuttin'

The only thing I like about the way kids dress these days is the looseness of the clothing. I graduated high school in 1984. Clothing was to be worn tight. Remember designer jeans? How tight were your jeans ladies? We were all a lot thinner back then and a lot younger and maybe a tad bit more foolish.
Well, I grew up slow and hadn't heard of wearing tight jeans with no undies until Brooke Shields did it on a commercial.
Lawd Have Mercy.
Every young girl had blue denim painted onto her ass and hips. Some were cutting inbetwix and between with the seam causing boils but the pants got tighter. They even had a style of jeans called half n' halfs. The pants were like the Chic style with no pockets and peg-legged with slits on either bottom side. The zip went from the front of the jean all the way down between the leg and to the back. They could be zipped apart so ladies had to be careful to Brazilian the area.
Thank heavens for spandex in denim. I had a pair of Gloria Vanderbilts in the llth grade me and Mom caught on sale at Venture. Even then I was too fat for all of that tight.

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