Thursday, November 29, 2007

Depp at his best: Sweeney Todd

Remember when Joe/Donnie in the movie Donnie Brasco had to explain the nuances of "Forgettaboutit?" I like the old school Budweiser can on his head and the relaxed way he segued into his ongoing problem with Lefty. It's a part of undercover work audiences don't get to even imagine about. He knew that Lefty would get blamed for letting in a mole and get whacked. Depp's character was torn. I also like in the movie Blow where Johnny plays the character of George and he found out he got screwed out of his connections and the big drug deal and Deigo admits he stole the connections in Cali. I mean what did George think he was doing and who did he think he was going to tell? I thought George was going to get whacked right there because Deigo was high on coke and had all of his crew laughing at him. Danggone coke freaks. I liked that movie but all of the drug and drug use highlighted the more disgusting but I guess necessary segments of our society. Depp is always so believable in his roles so I guess I couldn't separate the character from the actor. You just wanted him to turn it around. I wanted him to be the good guy. Maybe that is why I liked Donnie Brasco.
For those of you who are not familiar with Donnie Brasco, Depp played an undercover FBI agent who infiltrated the mob but in doing that developed very close relationships with the mobsters--the movie basically outlined the pitfalls of undercover work. The emotion Johnny Depp showed in that role made what would have been another mob movie meaningful. It gave a whole new depth to the movie. That is why it will always be a classic.
Depp's newest role as Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street, is his darkest role ever! It is about Benjamin Barker who is unjustly imprisoned but later comes back to town as Sweeney Todd the barber and begins his killing spree in revenge to what happened to him, his wife and child.
The movie is scheduled to be released December 21 and is rated R for bloody violence. Imagine what Sweeney Todd is going to do with that straight edge razor!
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