Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Broke Diva (copyright LJM 2006)

I have never bought any stock or reaped any great financial benefits from keeping my nails done, wearing colored contacts, three-inch heels and hair down to my waist but yet I continue to do it.
I buy clothes that can only be worn to a nightclub because if I wore it to the office the boss would want to either send me home or take me home right away.
I am a Diva but I am a Broke Diva.

What if I removed the nail tips (New York manicure courtesy of Hollywood Nails in Griffith, IN) and the waist long stick straight brown hair with light brown streaks? What if I put my clear contact lenses in instead of the amethyst ones I wear?
How would my public receive me then?
(What if I stopped referring to the people that I meet each day as my public?)
What if, with revamped attitude in hand, I reintroduced myself to the world as just plain old Woman? You know, the real me. The me that my friends know. The one they've been knowing since the seventh and eighth grade? Plain old me.
I would be so boring. No one would pay any attention to me. I'd look just like any other woman walking down the street. My nails would revert to the hideous nubbs I once wore. (man hands--ewww)
My hair would just lay there in a layered bob of sorts--you know the mommy/working woman/ housewife hairstyle we have all worn at some point until we got that really great haircut.
The changes I speak of would certainly thrill my family. Although, I wonder if they too have gotten used to noticing my hair before noticing me. I'm sure it lends a certain excitement to their day figuring out how I'll look each day.
HMMMM.... (I'm actually thinking right now, watching the cursor blink.)
Nah, Broke Diva shall reign forever and ever because I like her too.
She's like this past model chick that never modeled but just thought she could, that's all fat and stuff but still has that cheery personality and lots of stories about celebrity sightings and stuff. And she's always into stuff. She seems to lead a very exciting life filled with intrigue, danger and lots and lots of turmoil. (really most of her time--like everyone else's--is spent keeping up appearances)
Yeah, I like Broke Diva and I think I'll keep her. Hey, maybe I'll give her some money so that she's not so broke anymore.
Then she can just be Diva.
(this is me thinking about where I can get a second job, watching the cursor blink)