Thursday, November 01, 2007

Newest search

Spock is the newest search engine on the market. Spock makes it so easy to search for people by name or by tag.
Sounds interesting? Well, say hello to my little friend! (enter ghoulish laughter and hand rubbing here;}).
What makes this search engine different is that it is a people search engine. It provides links to their Web presence. It provides results by searching bio pages, social networks, news sites, blogs, directories and by using information provided by its members. Once joining, you can shape what content is found when a search is performed using your information.
Members are encouraged to enter information about themselves into the database so that they become searchable.
Well, to be nice, I Spocked reporter first and here is what I found:

Another interesting Spock search is pro-choice candidates.
I started to explore the site after a while.
A search on President Bush led me to 8,585 results.
Don't worry if you search your own name and nothing pops up because the site is also user generated. That means that once you become a member you can put your information in Spock to become searchable for relevant information.
I put myself in in the site and now the tags writer and photographer are connected to my name. I also put the college I graduated from for added benefit.
I searched Gary, Indiana and photos and information about Marlon, Jermaine, Janet, Michael, Tito and LaToya appeared along with information on the famous brothers. I didn't look through all 25,437 results found to see if big sister Rebie Jackson was included. I think she likes to keep a low profile anyhow. Also found was actor Avery Brooks, who is from Gary and this country's first black mayor of a major city, Richard G. Hatcher. Actors and Actresses returned a result of 41 photo-included results.
This site is really wonderful for looking up your favorite celeb to find out different fan-tastic factoids.
I was watching cable news while composing this post and something about the "Don't Tase Me Bro," controversy was on so I Spocked that phrase and found some results with photos. The nice thing about this site is that photos are included if they are available without doing a separate search. I really liked the site and am glad to find out about it. Here is a link to it so that you can give it a try:

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