Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I write for Helium and You can too!

Some parents luck out and find that they have a genius for a

child. Some parents who may not have an honor roll student

still manage to instill the value of learning and making the

most of each school day-these children are blessed. However

there are those who are just there languishing. Either they

have parents who never liked school themselves and unwittingly

(or wittingly) passed the distaste for classrooms on to the

child or the child is possibly in the wrong type of school.
Public schools are for every citizen K-12. Then there are

magnet schools where the pupil has to apply and possibly have a

specific strength like fine arts or math and science.
Charter schools are public schools as well but are looked upon

by many in the education community as less restrictive and more

supportive of students who find learning difficult in a

structured environment-like a neighborhood public school. There

is no tuition required of a true charter school. Fees should be

no more than what any public school needs for uniforms and book

rental. Charter schools get public funding from the respective

local school district.
Another type of school is the college preparatory curriculum

that may be found in day schools-where students go home in the

evening-or boarding schools. These type of schools usually

require a tuition. Financial may be available. Some of these

type of schools are same-sex campus and then some are co-ed.

Many of them are for high school students but there are some

across the country that are open to pupils as young as second

grade or possibly kindergarten.
Military schools are for the student who either wants to be in

the military in the future, attend a military college, need the

rigors of a military school or who come from a family who

attended military academies. They too require a tuition

Parochial schools are available in a variety of faiths, the

most popular being Catholic and Jesuit. Normally, there is a

tuition requirement.
There is a school for every pupil's need if you are willing to

make sacrifices and conduct a little research.

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