Monday, May 07, 2012

On the Cusp (Listen to the President's Words)

It is in my humble opinion that we as Americans are on the cusp of a new civilization--a new way of thinking. There are those of us Americans who are struggling financially and there are those who do well, still.  Regular, everyday people generally have hope for a better tomorrow--whether or not they have financial wealth because we all want the best, better and more. We strive in some way.

 Our election process has devolved into a very severe family fight--which are almost always based in issues of control and power. The people with the least amount of power in the group or family are the ones most at risk.

Keep that in mind in November when you vote. Use the power you have to your advantage. Vote for the candidate who is most like you, not like who you want to become or to whom you would most like to identify. The 99 percent are the most of us, not the richest of us.

Think about it: If you vote for the person you wish to become, financially speaking, then those constructs when in place work for those who are ALREADY in position financially and the road is shut to those who are not already a part of it as it does not interest them and their goals. If you vote for the person in which you are most like now, those constructs when in place will be made for you to walk that path and achieve your financial goals. Your team wins.

Obama meets us where we are already. We need legislative help with mortgages, credit card debt, student loans, bank loans, business loans, managing children going to college or are in high school, health care and insurance, wages and taxes. I have been helped by President Obama's legislation. He understands where I am in my path as he has walked a similar path.

I won't even get into (in this post) how blacks and the Afro-centric point of view are sidelined from the national conversation but it is a new day and a new way of thinking about this country and who we want to lead it. I know since Obama was elected, I have changed the way I think about this country and its people and how we do things. It has not escaped notice how the President and his administrators are viewed through the eyes of the conservative media however the People see him in a different light.

We know Obama works for us. We all know that President Obama comes from humble beginnings--just like most of us. He wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth but quite the opposite. He was born in Hawaii, raised in Indonesia and grew up in several states in this country: Hawaii, New York, California and Chicago--just like a military kid.

I get all of this from his two books and from listening to the president for the past four years. Obama was raised by his grandparents  (like Bill Clinton's grandparents raised our former president.) Obama's grandfather was retired from the military and a salesman--skills not lost on his grandson. His grandma was mama--so to speak. Look at how our President was raised: Obama's mother worked and educated herself and left this world way too early. His dad died early too.That hurts. He was orphaned early in life. His grandma died before she could see him elected. That hurts. But still, Obama works hard everyday for the People. His people--if they still walked this earth--would be so proud of him.

Don't you know he has his up days and his down days? (Think of how many times you wanted to avoid doing something, getting out of bed or leaving the house because you just had not figured it out yet? Ha!) Do you not understand that sometimes Obama is deeply hurt by some of the people's comments spewed his way? What of the blame aimed at him? Being the astute politician--his profession like most of us have a profession--he never gets over emotional because he is our leader and it is his responsibility to lead with logic and thought.

Obama is like us and he is the truest reflection of America we have ever had in the office of president.
Many of us had no idea how the voices from the Right would be so cruel and inhumane to a fellow American. My only sports analogy is likened to when baseball teams trade places, one at bat and one in the field--as that is the way the game is played--only that the Right refuse to go to the field but want to continue to bat. The game can only end in a fight.

Obama is blended as we are blended. Obama is the American Idea perfected. All he asks of us as people is to stand up for ourselves and strive to be our better selves everyday (play fair) and it is very difficult to do so at times. It's hard enough taking a beating let alone taking one for the team and then getting up and going through that process every day, throughout the day.

Of the Right, Mr. Romney offers his services to Big Business--standard practice as all Republicans do. They have even said that they are "holding their money to the side" until President Obama is out of office. Why? Any elected president only gets two terms so would it be so bad to share and get along like business as usual? We are not a country divided really but only have different paths to get to the same point. That is where the family analogy fits. We are a group with common ideas and goals--American.

Promote the wholeness of our country and vote for yourself in November. Sports analogy: All of the baseball teams belong to a league of ball teams governed by team rules with the goal to see which team is best through competition. Sometimes there are fights but mostly good sportsmanship prevails.