Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I bought some whole cinnamon a while back

I looked up at the sky today and although I have never been to Wyoming or Montana the sky over my city was big and blanketed with white cotton-like clouds. It was like the whole cotton--the kind you have to tear apart to use--real cotton. I felt nice for a moment, just looking at the sky and feeling good. I'd like to feel that way most of the time instead of just moments out of a string of bad to worse days or simple ambivalence.

It seems sometimes the ambivalence is there only to break up the mostly sucky days and nights that have become my existence. Then again, maybe it's just winter doldrums. Heaven knows it's dark at four-thirty. Somebody ought to help me because I don't have the strength to help myself. I'm going to stop combing my hair until things get better for me. We'll see what happens then. (I really can't shake this cold!)

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