Monday, November 19, 2007

Freeze It helps

Freeze It Gel has to work for my friend Mary.

Every day she is climbing flights of stairs, bending and picking up toys, clothes and what have you and running up and down the stairs some more checking on her children to make sure they are doing what she told them to do.

I can hear her doing this when we talk on the phone. When she was in high school she broke her ankle while skateboarding. We were all friends then and now and we both had become pretty profieicent at it (she won a local contest and
never let us forget it) but after breaking her ankle she sort
of gave it up. It took a while to heal and she was on crutches forever but over the years after healing it hadn't given her
any problems. A couple of days ago, I noticed that she kept

saying that she was aching all over but the ankle she broke was
throbbing she said.
Last month she remembered falling off of her stilletoes but it
wasn't very serious. Of course, she ignored it but it wouldn't
go away. Well later on that week she said she felt like she
coming down with a cold so she took some asprin. Suddently, she
said she wasn't so achey anymore and her ankle didn't hurt.
Finally I put two and two together and saw that everytime she
took the asprin her aches went away too. So I got to thinking
what if there was some sort of topical medicine she could use
to make this pain go away instead of constantly taking asprin.
Mary told me the pain was keeping her from sleeping. To top it
all off she wrenched her back trying to dust the top of her
kitchen shelves on a wobbley step stool.
I told her about Freeze It®. I said it is effective in helping
people who have trouble sleeping due to persistent pain and
discomfort and that they reported getting a good night of
undisturbed sleep--when Freeze It® is applied just prior to
Winning a supply of Freeze It® would help her out tremendously.
She could get back to normal and stop complaining about how
much she hurts.
Pain can hinder the ability to perform movement and exercise,
decreasing mobility and hurting quality of life. I told her
that Freeze It® quickly delivers pain relief, providing a
"cool-revitalizing" feeling of well being after exsercising.
Mary stopped going to the gym after her aches and pains flared
More improtantly Mary hasn't cleaned her house in a few weeks
because she said it hurts to move. I told her by massaging
Freeze It® into sore muscles and joints the pain relief may
make it easier to complete daily tasks.

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