Monday, December 17, 2007

Yeah and --So What, seriously!

My little brother must have told my parents about my blog because I got the lecture from Mom about don't film inside the house or write about them--she and Dad.
Well I do anyway because I figured how would they know? Well, I used to tattle all the time on my little bro (he's 31 and way over six feet)when we were growing up so I guess he feels turnabout is fair play--even if 20 years or so have passed.
I ought to take my Kanye West CD back. He commandeered it several weeks ago to my chagrin. Nah, I'll take it on the chin. That CD brings him so much enjoyment and he has never appreciated my taste in music before that CD.
Hey, did y'all hear that the Fox Cable News offices have had some sort of chemical explosion? I heard it on CNN. The news is being broadcast as usual on Fox and they mentioned the explosion in passing only. Wow. Talk about serious journalists. That's old school right there--I mean City News Bureau of Chicago type old school journalism.
I never shared my CNB stories with y'all--have I?

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