Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I'm Going to Vegas Baby!

My babies and I are going to Las Vegas for the New Year! Kanye West is performing there on New Year's Eve and my crew of two and I will be there! My children and I are way overdue for a nice vacation and we all love Kanye's music.
Hotel Reservations had to be made soon so I went to HotelReservations.com. There, I could book a first-class flight which was really convenient. I was glad I didn't have to search for each little option. The site had the packages I needed to make my trip goof-proof. They have a rental car section on the site as well as sections on vacation rentals and packages. I was thinking of a surprise ">South Florida get-a-way for spring break. Getting away from it all helps the children and myself re-focus on what we have to do at home and for them, at school--without getting burned out. Yea for us!

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