Sunday, December 23, 2007

Well tomorrow is Christmas Eve...

and the carnage will be worse than ever.
Last minute shopping, nick knacks and whatever will take up most of everyone time so if you run into rudeness or if they are out of everything at the store please keep in mind it is Christmas Eve.
Folk coming in from out-of-town can't drive and don't know your town as well as you do so be patient, don't flip anyone off--it's Christmas Eve.
Be patient when picking loved ones up from the airport because it will be crowded so be ready to wait and remember to greet your passengers with a smile. Do not say, "what were you doing in there? Buying stuff? We ain't got time for that! Don't spend all your money in one place!"
It's Christmas Eve. Don't drive through traffic switching lanes and blowing your horn and slamming on your breaks. It's Christmas Eve.
And mostly don't send your spouse out for last minute ingredients--it's Christmas Eve and he or she doesn't want to be bothered either.
(Now when Christmas dinner isn't cooked, don't complain.)

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