Monday, December 10, 2007

Has anyone considered why we haven't had a Black or a Woman President?

Why are the political pundits so interested in whether or not
Oprah can sway the 2008 political election?
Are they afraid that a black man would become president of
these United States? What is really so wrong with that?
Why must the people who represent us to the world act like such
country bumpkins?
Was it really necessary to point out that our Vice President and one of the presidential candidates were related on down-the-line somewhere? Who were you assuring of the Senator's qualifications?
Not me, of course.
Hey listen, other people who don't have this country's best interest
in mind are watching this election and it's processes just as
we in this country are watching. They will think that we are racist if we're not careful.
Anyone who really thinks about it long enough can influence
anything in this country.
We are a country that is easily influenced.
The more influence a person or group has the more we accept
what ever it is they are selling.
Everyone knows this about us.
The least influential groups have the least amount of sway.
That would include the poor and minorities or anyone who
appears to be in need.
Yes, Oprah is influential but you must remember her years in
Sen. Obama is a Democrat from Chicago. It is a natural match.
When questioning Oprah's influence, what I really hear is can Oprah get this black man elected as president of these United States.
Maybe, maybe not.
We have always counted on the soccer moms of this country to pull through for us, haven't we? Many, if not all of her audience, are so-called soccer moms.
Also remember that Oprah is an African American and a
Southerner. She started out in broadcast news in Mississippi and
made her way to Chicago. She hosted AM Chicago and then bought the
show. She is smart and well advised. She is a journalist.
But she is black and included in the 12 percent of Blacks that
the U.S. Census says we are in this country. We are here.
Most of us are and have been for a while, disconnected from a
motherland (Africa) so we don't have a place to run to when times get
hard. We stick it out here and are mostly ignored and shoved aside and told, 'you can't be president.'
How would you like to be invited to a party where you know you
weren't that well liked and then told to smile and be
positive--everyday until you died?
How would you like it if you were adopted into a rainbow family
where it was constantly pointed out that you were adopted and
therefor different--in a rainbow family!
What if you were told, 'we just let you stay here 'cause we can't
find your folks to send you home!'
How would you like it if you were asked to go home by some of
the brothers and sisters in your adopted family just because
they were sick of looking at you and dealing with your
problems--not clearly understanding that they were making it worse with their attitudes toward you.
You wouldn't like it but Oprah and 12 percent of this
population live that kind of life EVERY DAY. And no one really
cares but the 12 percent and
Believe me, we could do worse than Obama for President--at
least he understands how it feels to be the underdog everyday
and the outsider. Many Americans fight that battle white and
non-white. Many non-Americans feel that way as well.
However, he has to capture the nomination of his party.
(DNC starts August 25 in Denver Colorado)
Early on, I remember hearing a man on T.V. say about Hilliary Clinton and Barack Obama that they are the showbiz portion of the Democratic Party--the
window dressing to get the masses going. Maybe the carrot on
the stick so-to-speak and that the real candidates were those
other white men they presented to us.
I was given the impression that Hillary and Barack's only
reason for running in the 2008 election was to raise money for
the Democratic Party and that they were not to be taken
seriously no matter what it looked like. Then I figured they'd just end up splitting the democrat's votes during the party nomination process or what have you.
Well, that is one reason I didn't allow myself to get excited
about the presidential elections--neither of my candidates
would actually win. I knew Hillary was running. I wanted her to
win, in hopes of restoring the American economy (Bill is her
husband) then I saw Barack was running and I definitely didn't
allow myself get excited.
I remember how Jesse Jackson really just made a good show for the Dems when he ran but that wasn't good enough for me. I wanted him to win. Black folk in my area used to believe he could win too. They used to say if he won someone would
shoot him. I didn't want that to happen so I really didn't know how to
feel. I secretly still wanted him to win and to live.
I live in a country that I think will not let a man of African
decent be president. See how I didn't even say African
Barack made it a point to let us all know that he wasn't born
of slaves. I was. My people were sharecroppers. I have a lot of
friends who are also decedents of slaves. I'm not ashamed. It
didn't seem like much could be done to change that back
then--at least by the slaves. They did what they could when
they could. They had to stay alive.
It would be nice to see a black man gain the nomination of the
Democratic National Party. It has never happened in Oprah or any black
person's lifetime. I wonder why?
If Mr. Edwards won (since they told us who we really have to
pick) I wouldn't be mad. He seems to care about poor people
like me. I care about this because I have voted in every election since I could vote. What I don't want is another wealthy millionaire dressed in
Democratic clothing. I know he is really a Republican--there is nothing wrong with that. African-Americans started out as Republicans.
Democrats point out this country's problems and Republicans find a way to fund it.
See, we can all work together.
But hey, you don't gotta listen to me. I read the newspaper everyday, watch stuff on the Cartoon Network like Family Guy-- I watch SNL, MAD TV and a host of other ensemble casts, sitcoms and cartoons and many of the network and cable news channels and I'm 41 years old. WhaddoIknow? My brain is mush.

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