Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Please buy my book

Please buy my book. It can make a great Christmas gift for co-workers, aunts, cousins, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, people you don't know that well but want to get to know, people you should probably tip but haven't, clients, fellow church members your kid's teachers, your teachers, people who are actually in the book itself, etc.

Print: $14.00
Eighteen Months (book)
Download: $10.00

This publication is an actual script for a film. I am seeking to option this script. It's about a woman named Lois DuSol. Lois is a reporter who becomes entangled with a lawyer, dirty cops, federal agents and her editor--all while carrying her first child and experiencing her first love. Along the way, she is spied on, threatened but manages to break the biggest news story of her career.


Short Stories, Real Life (book)
Download: $13.00
Hardcover Print: $23.00

Another title for this book could be "Tales from an Urban Jungle," but I thought that would be a bit corny--get it? I'm from Indiana. Anyway folks, "Short Stories, Real Life," is a collection of news stories I've written that are based in the Midwest--Northwest Indiana to be exact. Locals should buy the book because they may be in it. If you aren't native to the area, the book contains well-written news stories about anyone from the governor of Indiana, Mitchell E. Daniels, to Robert F. Kennedy. There is also a story about the world-famous band, Frankie Beverly and Maze, when they performed at a summer concert in Miller section of Gary. This would make excellent light reading. It isn't often local news stories are accessable to those who live outside of the area. Most news--before it becomes national or international news--starts out as a local news story. Think about it. Maybe some of the information in this book could be of use to you.

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