Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bold Rugs can brighten your living quarters

The links to this ad have been removed per the request of the company. Please disregard this post
I wanted something nice to pull together my living room. I bought a black area rug. Both Grandma and Ma told me not to do it and I should have listened. The children have kept up bits of this and that all over the place--including the rug. Topping it all off, I dropped a hot iron on it (don't ask) and singed a portion of it. Now I need a new one. Although I liked the black area run (I'm putting it in my room) it's not fit for the living room area anymore.
Oh the beauty. All of the popular artsy styles and more demure styles are all laid out in an easy-to-use format.
SOHO Stiletto in Arctic Blue, SOHO Moirè Black-Multi Color, SOHO Sequin Princess Blue-Multi Color and SUPER INDO-COLORS in Kasbah White.
Some of the area rugs are so attractive that you may not want to put them on floor and instead mount them on the wall!

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