Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Nebraska Mall Shooting

I'm listening to the news on the Omaha Nebraska Mall Shooting and am simply horrified.
Fox Cable News reported nine are dead including the shooter. They say it is a mall everyone goes to and that there was a rush of people running out of the store not saying anything--just running.
Could you imagine being in a crowded mall holiday shopping and this crap breaks out?
What about the elderly and people who can't run fast?
Oh the fear they must have felt.
They need metal detectors in all large public places in this country.
It's to unsecured. What if it had been terrorists and worse? I heard reports that people shouldn't go to the malls because of the terrorism risk.
Please forgive me. I saw The Kingdom recently and can't quite get over it. I'm going to buy that DVD as soon as it is released for sale. It was very good and explained a lot about life in Saudi Arabia.
Prayers go out for those affected by the horror at the Nebraska Mall Shooting.

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