Friday, December 21, 2007

Let the Countdown begin

As of December 22, the real Christmas shopping shall begin. It will be ugly. It will be a mess. People will argue and snatch gifts from your hand. It is the real deal.
Anyone in this country that celebrates Christmas is in a store on this day finishing up the last of the holiday holiday shopping.
It's too late to order stuff off of the Web because it is unlikely that it will arrive by The Day.
Watch out for bad parking bad driving and getting cussed out for pulling in front of people. A car full of gifts and the police at an accident is not the way to get the holiday cheer going.
And watch out for having packages visible in the car. Anybody walking by can see what you have and take it--even when stopping to have a lunch. Eat first and then shop. You can also take packages home then enjoy the evening.

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