Sunday, December 16, 2007

Get Clean for the New Year

I used to work at a drug rehab facility. The work was fulfilling but tough. Many of the clients had been trying for years to get and stay clean and most were successful.
Stone Hawk drug rehabilitation center claims more than a 76% success rate. Participants discover that they can develop a lifestyle that fits their needs and wants without drug addiction or alcoholism.
However, the motivation to change the drug-abusing behavior, the degree of support that the individual receives from family and friends, and whether there is additional pressure from outside sources to stay in treatment such as the legal system or child protective services, all play a role in recovery.
A treatment plan needs to be established and followed so that he or she knows what to expect during treatment and it is also important that the drug treatment center provides “aftercare” to ensure that the patient is still following their treatment plan after being discharged.
The Stone Hawk Rehabilitation Center is located in south central Michigan, approximately 1-1/2 hours west of Detroit and 1-1/2 hours east of Chicago in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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