Thursday, December 20, 2007

So Few Days Left till Christmas

Running out of gift ideas? Here are some last minute gift ideas.
If it is for the guy or girl who has everything, then look towards service industry based gift ideas like spa gift certificates (for the full package) or mani/pedi gift certificates. Buy the person something you know they will use--like their favorite music or an MP3 player. Depending on how old they are, it may take a few days to get it going but it's not that hard to download music from one of the popular sites.
If you can swing it, jewelry is always a favorite--diamonds are a girls best friend.
How about a neat as seen-on-tv appliance for the chef in your life? It would be a fun and practical gift to give.
How about something really neat for the car? A CD holder or cup that fits in the cup holder--can't have too many of them.
Maybe along with the cup (a nice one from Starbucks or something) a bag of their favorite coffee beans.

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