Thursday, December 06, 2007

Local officers recieve a awards

The Post-Tribune, a local Northwest Indiana newspaper, reports that a few good cops is all it takes.
The newspaper reports that during a ceremony Wednesday, Detectives Jeff Hemphill, Keith Richardson and James Bond received commendations for catching a murder suspect.
Officers who received more than one award for their work included Detective Lorenzo Davis, Detective James Gonzales, Richardson and Sgt. Thomas Decanter.
Internal Affairs officers Sgt. Jarrett Bridgeman and Detective Edward Jenkins were recognized for handling the investigations of the officers at the scene of a September 15 crash in Gary that killed two local high school students.
Cpl. Agnes Roberts received a commendation for working on the investigation of the crash.
Cmdr. Bruce Outlaw Sr. said despite the public and the media scrutiny, Roberts worked diligently on the investigation.
Col. Len Miller was recognized for making the most arrests -- 210 total this year.
Congratulations and thanks for all of your hard work. We all appreciate it.

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