Friday, December 07, 2007

I need a new car

I need a new car and I am looking for a great Auto Loans Financing rate where I'm not put in the poorhouse trying to buy a hybrid. (Yeah, I said it--a hybrid.)
I cannot keep driving Mommy and Daddy's truck!
Don't get me wrong--I love the truck. It's a Ford Explorer and it's big enough for me, momma, granny, the kids (mine and my brothers) and all of our shopping bags. We can go to seven or eight stores and still have room for everyone. I would like to buy one of those for myself but I can just imagine the interest rate I would have to pay. Even people with perfect credit need help shopping for low rate auto loans.
I ran across a site called and it said that it had lots of rates--even for people like me with less-than-perfect credit. (Yeah, imagine me being less than perfect.)

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