Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Vote Democratic

No one has asked me my opinion or how I'm voting but I read a news story addressing Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama's (D-IL) fiscal stimulous package and it looks as if he has put some thought in how he will effect change. He's not just talking.
I'm casting my vote for Sen. Obama and I don't have to fall out of love with the Clintons to do so. I have a photo of president Bill Clinton posing in church with Coretta Scott King and her son Dexter King on my dining room table.
However, nowhere in history have I had a chance to vote for some one in my Generation who shares some of the same values and memories of America that mirror mine. I think the Obamas reflect my ideals and goals and I am standing behind them for what it is worth. I vote a straight ticket, then again.
Honestly, I don't think this country has progressed enought to accept a woman president and would probably spend a lot of time undermining Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) if she won the party nomination and the presidency.
Working women know what I'm talking about. Sometimes you have to fight and smile just to get work done and not make enemies. It's tiresome, the burden of women.

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