Monday, January 07, 2008

Obama 's Rochester NH rally at the Opera House

Democratic presidential candidate, Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.)is the Michael Jordan of politics--if not told by the rabid cheers of his supporters then the
fire of his campaign and rally speeches--even when he is late.
He got heckled by a group of right-to-lifers who were in the

crowd and he handled it beautifully.
"I have no problem with you guys," he said, promising to speak with them after the rally if they wanted.
"They organized to do that and that is a part of the

American tradition," he said of them.
This is why he will be elected the next president of the USA.
"Organizing is hard to do, especially in the midst of people who

don' agree with you," he told the crowd reminding them that he started out his political learning about grassroots campaigning.

He gave his remarks before a packed crowd at the Rochester Opera House in New Hampshire.
"You will experience an epiphany. You will say, 'I have to vote for

Barack," he told the crowd.

He said people still say the Iowa win was a fluke but

it wasn't.
He lead at one point 49 percent but the gap was closed to 39

percent from Sen. Hillary Clinton's (D-NY) surge to 29 percent and
democratic nominee for vice president in 2004 and one-term North Carolina Senator John Edwards', 19 percent.
The New Hampshire Primary will be held Tuesday January, 8.
Obama said that people told him they are excited about the end of this current Republican rule.
"In one more day, we have the ability to say to those in Washington, your days are over. They will not run my White House," he said.
Anyone honest can tell you that attractiveness is a factor in

leaders. Obama is an attractive man with strong features. It

doesn't hurt that he is a Harvard grad. It doesn't hurt that he is

charismatic and projects good leadership skills.
However, according to his self assessment, if he were a doctor

he would be the type to tell you this is gonna hurt right before the nurse stuck you in the arm with the penicillin shot.
He is not promising miracles but truth and change. These items

hurt if given in high dosages or very quickly. Be prepared.
Who knows where the big bolder of change and truth will land

once it is pushed down the hill. It has a momentum of its own.
American people will have to change and cooperate.
Read between the lines in Obama's speech and ask yourself if you

are ready for change and truth. If not, then get ready. Let it

happen now while we have someone who knows how the change and

truth routine goes.
Example: Changing your body through diet means skipping fast

food joints from time to time. It hurts--especially when you

really wanted that Philly cheese steak or that slice of thick

pizza or that Vienna Beef hot dog. You may get a little grouchy.
If you want to change your lifestyle and that means no more

smoking and drinking, gossip or hanging out with people who are

detrimental for you--withdrawal of some sort will occur. It

pains you a little but if you are strong, you will win and be

That is what Change and Truth are about.
Obama promises to college students $4,000 tuition credit in

return for community service or aiding foreign countries. It is

a double effect: it spreads the good news that all Americans

aren't ugly and that we have values and that we believe in a

better world.
The word American both hurts and soothes.
To do the same thing over and over but yet expect different

results is called insanity.
Obama is not about insanity but the clear opposite.
When corporate profits are cut, there has to be some

kind of mandate that people won't loose jobs or wages but that

owner or CEO will not be able to get a new yacht or move to a

bigger mansion. It is the corporate greed that hurts America.

Profits yes, shareholder's gain--yes--but greed no. There has to

be limits.
Maybe if that super rich CEO can go without that new

and bigger mansion or yacht, maybe they will understand what the

workers go through when they have to choose between extra good

tasting food like steak every once and a while or a vacation

for the family as opposed to paying that deductible to include

their teenager so that they too can drive the car or a house

that can actually accommodate aged parents and their family.
That is what the working poor think about.
They usually give up stuff like a new car when they should get

one or a bigger house out of the starter they bought years ago--

or, helping children go to college.
Hell, we can't even speak up in this country with out being

persecuted or blacklisted for opinions and thoughts that are

real. At the least, you'll be considered un-American.
Barack is a grown-up and he is reflective of the age group of people who

have the knowledge and strength to make the change and vote for

I am 41 and a part of the forgotten generation

between Baby Boomers and the Generation X

the popular culture recognizes. Obama is 46, I believe--not too much older.
Generation X really starts at 1964 and beyond. I was born in 1966.

I grew up totally sixties and seventies before I got to the 80s

graduating high school in 1984. You know what was going on

then. Everyone was preppy and or Valley Girl-ish. I am still

sort of like that because preppy never goes out of style, it

just gets pushed to the back of the closet.
However, me and you bridge the gap--in that I remember what

older relatives did in the 1970s. The thin brows and afro hairstyles and

elephant leg pants and bell bottoms and platform shoes and the

"Spirit of '76" Bi-Centennial themed clothing.
The "hey baby everything's cool attitude" and "don't let the

Man get you down" and the relaxed attitudes on casual sex and

drug usage. It was at an all time high back then and we were

exposed to it whether we wanted to be or not. We were too young to say no. Gratefully, it all turned around.
The 1960s were not just about the Civil Rights Movement. There

were other things going on that were non-political.
Everything was groovy and protests were common. If it hurt,

speak-up and let the Man know--or drop some acid or other drug.
No, I'm not like the sixties children of the past an I don't take illegal

drugs. Cigarettes, coffee and whiskey are good enough. Or Vodka

and beer. You get my drift.

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