Thursday, January 03, 2008

A great day for the Senator from Illinois

"Hope is what led me here today--with a father from Kenya and a mother from Kansas--and a story that could only happen in the United States of America. Hope is the bedrock of a nation...we are ready to believe again."--U.S. Senator Barack Obama

I watched the speech on CNN.

During his speech and after making history by winning the Iowa Caucuses,

Jr. Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL), said, "they said this day would never come."

The crowd erupted in cheers.

"They said our sights were set too high--that this country was

too divided, disillusioned to come together on a common

purpose...but this night you have done what the cynics said we

couldn't do."


"In lines that stretched around schools and churches we came

together to say we are one nation one people and our time for

change has come," Obama said during his speech.

He said he feels his campaign win will end bitterness and

divisions in Washington.

"We are choosing hope over fear and choosing unity over

division and sending a powerful message that change is coming

to America."

The crowd chanted, "USA, USA!" in the background.

As pointed out by CNN commentator and Chicago radio talk show host, Roland Martin,

(WVON 1690 AM)there was truly a rainbow coalition standing behind Obama.

He reached out to New Hampshire and asked for the same as in Iowa.

The crowd cheered, "Obama! Obama! Obama!" during parts of his speech.

He is the great unifier, seems like.

His message is apparently working.

This is news people. Wake up.

The Senator from Illinois has been recognized--finally.

My son scampered down the stairs a minute ago and looked to see

what I was watching. It was CNN coverage of the Iowa Caucuses.

He didn't say much but he heard. He's only nine but I too have

that child-like excitement of the unthinkable.

In all of every living person's life there has never been a

black American president nor has an African American won the

Iowa Caucus.

People across this country are hurting. Illegal aliens are

moving back to Mexico. The dollar is weak.

Barack Obama will be the next American president.

Our nation's first Black President of the United States.

His campaign is based on Change and we are looking for him to

bring it.

I have faith in my country right now.

I feel so much pride right now for my country. I feel good

saying my country--finally. I no longer feel pushed aside.

Obama won Iowa (38 percent) over Hillary Clinton (29 percent)

and John Edwards (30 percent)

Mike Huckabee won the Republican caucus and the pundits say he

will make a formidable candidate.

Can this country handle have an African American for president?

I think so because politics is politics and people are people

and there are certain things that must be done by whomever wins

the presidency. The job will always be the same. It's a hard

job being president as well as first lady but this win in Iowa

will bring out the truth in everyone you know. Watch and listen

and learn from these things that are happening now. It will be

then that you know where you stand among your crowd, co-workers

friends and family.

I went to the Democratic National Committee site and saw an

article on how Mike Huckabee wouldn't be a good choice for


I didn't see a word about Obama's win.

He took the 17-29 vote, said the best political team on

television, (CNN).

Well, maybe that is the way it goes, so I went to the GOP site

(Grand Old Party=Republican National Committee) and saw a map

asking me to find out how bad my state was at voter fraud. I

passed on the offer.

A blog post said today was "Test day for Clinton."

I hope some black newspapers out there are watching the news

and writing--like I am.

(Hint: If you will not be publishing tomorrow (Friday) then use

a second or third day lede because the story will be OLD by the

time it hits the streets in your town)

Take the hint please.

Now, when O.J. Simpson does anything everyone writes about it.

How could there be not a word on the blogs about Obama?

A quick search of "Obama" on Yahoo! returned mild manner

headlines like "Obama, Huckabee win Iowa" etc.

USA returned a headline of "Edwards, Clinton vie for second

place." At least Obama's name was mentioned in the lede.

They also had a pull out box "Close-Up Barack Obama,"

as they did for all of the front runners in the campaign.



Anonymous said...

I am surprised and shocked with the way how CNN is covering the story. Before the election they were telling us that Iowa and New hampshire are crucial but now they are denying the very words they say and trying to swallow it- it would choke them. Please be objective and try to cover it as it deserves. An African American won. He is a beacon for many who think that because of their decent pedigree the world is something of 'others'. H eproved that wrong. It is doable it is achievable. He reflects true America, and the true american dream that many great people died for and laid a foundation.
All the best for the US

Anonymous said...

Let us also give for the Iowans who showed civility and respect for the true agent of change. Although they were white they couldnot accept alliance with colour when it comes to their nation America. They believed America is a rainbow nation. a signal of hope,a place for wisdom. I believe Obama would outshine regardless of the dirty games clinton is playing. If she is a true candidate for presidency of this great nation she should get rid of her lies, prejudices. No one would elect her because she is women. it is not about gender it is about a nation who have both male and female. that is cheap appeal. it is about character , competence. it is not abut hypocrcy.
Love Ameica, love the tower of freedom