Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The Copycat Crew and the Big Red Elephant

I don't know why I am compelled to write anything about the the 2008 Campaign--I'm unemployed. I'd rather be at work getting paid to write but all I have is this blog. So I write.
So what's up with these theme songs at the end of all of the campaign speeches? I think they're nice because it gives the American people a glimpse into the personality of each candidate.

"Go Johnny Go"--John McCain
"Signed Sealed Delivered"-Barack Obama
"This is God's Country"-Romney or Edwards?

Anyway, I watched the speeches after the NH primary Tuesday and here is my take.
"Yes, We Can"
"I am still fired up and ready to go!" said Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) as he congratulated Sen. Hilary Clinton (D-NY) on her winning the New Hampshire primary Tuesday.
I could see flashes of disappointment in his face as he spoke. I can tell he doesn't like losing or coming in second.
His speech differed Tuesday after placing second in the primaries in that he started to add details on how he would get both sides together to make a better America.
"They can get a seat at the table but don't get to buy every chair."
He said that a few weeks ago, no one could have imagined what happened in Iowa and then again in New Hampshire. They figured he was dreaming when he told them he wanted to be the next American president.
Keeping with previous themes of speeches, he told a more subdued crowd
"they know deep in their hearts, that it must be different this time."
Credit goes to Obama for energizing the race for the nomination and usage of the word change. I credit him for his heart-to-heart talks that his speeches had become.
"We are ready to take this country in a fundamentally new direction.
Obama means what he says--you can see it in his face. He believes what he is saying to his audience.
Watching Obama run for president is like watching the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King run for president--if then were now. It's just that I feel almost as if Dr. King would be doing some of the same things as Obama.
The Senator took the second place win on the chin, for the team. He referred to all of them who are running for president as patriots and worthy of respect.
"...Roll up our sleeves and keep going..."
Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY)is now taking center stage. The look on her face is 'whew, I'm finally up where I belong.'
"I listened to you and in the process, I've found my own voice," she told the audience.
"I felt like we all spoke from our hearts...let's give America he kind of comeback New Hampshire has just given me."
"Too many have been invisible for too long--well you are not invisible to me,: she said.
She talked about standing up for the little guy.
A lawyer, standing up for the little guy? Sounds like a movie.
I've been getting walked on for so long--I'm a cynic in that area but I'd love it if someone stood up for me.
"We are in it for the American People. We will all be called on to deliver on the promise of America."
"Mac is Back"
McCain seemed just as shocked as everyone else as his newly charged raucous fans/supporters left Obama and joined him. The way they were chanting his new mantra "Mac is Back" was almost frightening.
This group of what seems like mostly male supporters are American through and through. They are fighters and are well-worth courting. I hope Obama can win them back.
There was a Caller on C-Span who spoke after the televised portions of the speeches were over who said he cannot imagine any of the candidates trying to figure out how to cover $3,000 in household expenses with a $2,500 budget. He said he wants to vote for the candidate that can show him how to do that or at the least, has had to do it him or herself.
I feel ya on that one, Caller.
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