Monday, January 14, 2008

Hawthorne Direct

I may be an odd bird but I've always paid attention to TV commercials because I considered it a glimpse into the personality of the company. Usually, they made it clear why I needed their product or service--which is the purpose of a commercial.

Hawthorne Direct is a full service direct response advertising agency. They boast over 600 clients such as, AARP, Nikon, Time-Life and the U.S. Navy.
Think about how those commercials affect you. They command both your attention and your respect.

Hawthorne Direct is responsible for that. They help empowered consumers control their exposure to ad messages. If you rely on just one type of media, you'll miss thousands of potential best customers. Their Integrated Response Solutions allow you to manage your multi-channel marketing efforts under a unified creative strategy.

The result is a one-stop solution that maximizes your return on investment and provides a big boost to your brand.

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