Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Fortress SSH Server

In an effort to start a newspaper on line, I was told by a salesman and a consultant that it would have to be hosted on my on server. Anyone in the business of Internet anything will at some point need to consider a secure shell server for their business to keep hackers out of the mix.
I am still researching this subject because I will need an influx of capital by way of many advertisers and this SSH will not be optional--I'll have to have it in order to work.
One way to cut overhead is to have minimal office space and have writers work off-site. They would log in to the computer to submit and or edit stories. I will have a software intensive environment with the newspaper. Files will have to be backed up and I will need lots of memory for high-resolution photos and e-mail accounts. The list is endless and can be overwhelming at times.
Owning my own business will require me to learn more about things like a SSH Server.
I have found that to host a newspaper site that supports advertisers and subscribers submitting payments over the Internet in addition to a print edition published twice a week cannot be accomplished with my current set up because of the Internet traffic.
No, I am not an expert but by the time this plan becomes an actuality, I will be.

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