Monday, January 21, 2008

Free vs Plantation: Happy Birthday MLKJr. and I'm sorry I failed you.

I am free when I think for myself and rebuild my house on firm ground so that I don't have to sharecrop no more or take from massa's table or starve.

I am free when massa asks me when I'm going to get me some nobodies like he got so that I can be like him. (that means he no longer thinks of me as a nobody)
When I am free I can think how I like and vote the way I want.

When I am on a plantation, my basic needs are provided to me in exchange for constant abuse at the hands of cruel massa. I cannot go against massa or he will take the things I need away from me or kill me by lynching--like he did to those other nobodies that set his house on fire last week. Or he will break up my family or rape me or throw me or my nobody in jail. Sometimes being a nobody is like being a prisoner.

Even if massa was nice to me and said I could do as I please as long as I wasn't steppin' on his toes or standin' too close, I still would do as he say because I am loyal to massa and I tell on the other nobodies on the plantation when they try to escape or read or think for themselves or run for president.

Massa will always be in charge of me because I am a happy-go-lucky nobody. As long as I'm doing better than the next nobody--massa will always be my man! Gimmie five Jay-Jay and make me some coolaid and dance!

I am a nobody and I live on massa's plantation and I will raise my kids on massa's plantation and die on massa's plantation and will kill any nobody that tries to mess with massa or his ways.

Massa and his people live on the plantation too but its different because they seem to stick together and get along and think like one person. I can't break into that group--they just looks at me and shakes their head when I walk past their shack. Some of them feel sorry for me because I am a nobody and I ain't got a chance. Then the menfolk makes them go inside--they ain't really free either but theys better off than me.

I am a nobody and I depend on massa and his plantation--even though it is killing me a little bit everyday. So if a black man were to run for president one day, I wouldn't vote for him because I am a nobody and I can't make a fist.

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