Monday, January 28, 2008

Join the Obama in '08 Campaign!

I caught a little of Presidential Candidate, Barack Obama's campaign rally speech on C-Span today and this is some of what I heard:
Sen. Obama talked about his dad and his first trip to Kenya to visit his paternal grandmother.
While there, he read letters from his dad where he had applied for colleges across America.
He said John F. Kennedy sponsored legislation that led to a grant that helped his father travel to the U.S. to study and it was in college where his parents met.
Also in the speech, I heard Sen. Obama talk about his vision past winning the nomination and general election but changing America, in his campaign rally speech.
This is an e-mail I received because I signed up for updates on the Sen. Barack Obama Presidential Campaign. I am encouraging all Barack supporters to get on the bandwagon and help Sen. Obama not only win the nomination but the general election in November.

Here are a few details about our victory in South Carolina. According to the official results and CNN exit polls, Barack won:

55% of the total vote, more than twice as many votes as any other candidate
57% of voters who had never voted in a primary
66% of voters who had never voted before at all
Every type of community -- urban, suburban, and rural
58% of voters between ages 18 and 64
67% of voters between ages 18 and 29
The clear lesson from South Carolina is that voters are ready to bring this country together and solve the problems that matter to ordinary Americans.

This election isn't about race or gender, income level or education level.

It's about the past and the future.

The moment to act is now. We're campaigning from Alaska to Georgia, from California to New York. Your donation right now is more important than ever. Please donate $50 today. (click the title to link to the campaign's secure site)

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