Friday, January 11, 2008

I'm bitter, I'm frustrated and Fed Up!

I watched the Republican debates on Fox Thursday night or as I like to call it, the
"I love Regan" contest.
Fred Thompson, Mitt Romney, John McCain, Mike Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani and Ron Paul reminded me of a box full of the cutest puppies all vying for mamma's attention.
McCain: I love Regan!
Thompson: No, I love Reagan
Huckabee: I've always loved Regan!
Chorus: We love Reagan! We love Regan!
Now, I've never heard a Democrat ever chant the name of a Democratic president like that.
Are they supposed to?
Kanye sang it on his new CD Graduation. He called a spade a spade when he did it--
"talking on TV like it's just you and me"
Characterized as getting back to the party line, the debate evolved into all of the Republican candidates trying to prove how far right they were willing to go. And folks, its pretty damn far.
I don't think a poor dummy like me was supposed to hear all of that.
I'm not a Republican. So maybe this is what it is like to be one--I don't know. Matter-of-fact, if this country's electoral college picks one more Republican president, I'll never get to see what it feels like to be one.
Come on delegates--let's get a Democrat in the office please and make it for more than one term.
Let's count the number of years we have had a Republican in office.
-Cut taxes but then spending too--no matter who it hurts.
-Fund the war until the American people protest in the streets and stage sit-ins to make us stop.
-Love president Regan but don't fund stem cell research to help Alzheimer patients.
-Kill the terrorists and make them pay for 911 (can't argue with them there)
According to the Voice of America Web site, Sen. McCain--who leads Republican polls-- summed up the Red Right's stance the best.
"In Thursday's debate in South Carolina, McCain emphasized his commitment to conservative ideals, similar to those held by former President Ronald Reagan.
"We have to return to those principles of less government, lower taxes, strong family values, strong national defense, and those [values] that made us the Reagan revolution that brought about a new dawn of a new day in America," VOA writes of McCain.

It's nice that they all love the 80s. I remember the era of Regan and he apparently was not intact during his last few years in office and the Iran Contra hearings and the inundation of coc-i-ena into this country and the Republicans not wanting to fund stem cell research--something that can help Alzheimer patients--a disease that affected our beloved former president.
Go figure.
Well, as long as the Welfare State that Ron Paul speaks of doesn't get worse, all will be well with the world.
I now know what Ron Paul is for: Reviving the role of Ross Perot.
He spoke out on the issues most everyday Republicans and conservative Democrats think about. He's just a sounding board but he's a good one.
Sometimes it just needs to be said out loud.
They all wanted to prove how in lock-step they are with the current president on the war just to flip flop later in what they'll know to be a mixed crowd instead an audience of their clones.
President Bush previously posed only one question to all of the Republican candidates: Do you have a set of values that you are willing to stick to?
This is coming from a two-term president whose father was a one-term president. Take his question seriously.
I didn't hear a clear answer. I heard them mention "Regan" and then voting for the war in Iraq.
Fox news jumped on it too.
They kidded Barack Obama on his newest support from Mr. Money money bags, John Kerry--who I think wanted to spite the other Dem opponents--but so what about that.
I think, like the rest of us, he really likes Sen. Barack Obama.
He had words with Hillary once. I can't remember what MSNBC said about why he didn't choose his former running mate.
To really get involved with the Republican Party you'd have to be doing fairly well in your personal life but I want them to care more about the corporate tax that is killing the smaller businesses. Heck, they won't even fix the SBA so that individuals can start businesses to support themselves.
They only care about businesses who have growth potential to support many. Many often starts out as a few. My business may grow that large but I will never get the chance to find out thanks to the SBA. There is a difference in being prejudiced against the poor, women and blacks and being a Republican but it's just that I cannot tell the difference anymore.
Only Romney said that he remembers what it is like to work a job.

Oh, Mr. Huckabee, stop getting people's hopes up about ending the IRS. It just won't happen because it will take change and change in government is something for idealists. You don't appear to be an idealist.
Yeah, I'm bitter--very bitter and I'm not alone.
One more thing about job growth--they are mostly service industry jobs that require specific training. I'm not working at any more gas stations. I'm a college graduate with a degree in Journalism. I need help starting a newspaper in my community or at least using my existing, transferable skills in a comparable industry.
Have a good weekend.

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